Sloppies (A), Aug 21st, Midday (Friendly)


Roberts Norman Scarr Clarke Jules Guthrie Bates Holden Gordon Adebayo McDonald

Can it be streamed?

Don’t know. I’ve been searching all morning and there has been next to nothing about the game until a few moments ago.

Nope :unamused:

That looks suspiciously like our first choice XI

Maybe Bates for Sinclair otherwise.

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Yep, looks like a 4-3-1-2 formation to me

Wouldn’t you say 4-4-2 with McDonald on the left … and Holden on the right? :cold_sweat:

Could be either. Maybe not so bad, that a change like that could be made quite easily within a game too be fair.

I don’t think I would ever put Holden on the right wing ever again!
I’d got Gordon and Eli up front and Holden in the hole. Bates Guthrie and Macdonald in the midfield

4-2-3-1 imo.

Gordon right, Holden CAM, McDonald left and Adebayo up top.

At least that’s what I’m desperately hoping for :joy:


I hope you’re all correct, I just don’t see McDonald as a CM either.

No streaming on offer on the Sloppies site either.

Which btw reminded me how much I hate Div 4, seeing that they have Ipswich, Wigan, Blackpool, Sunderland,etc etc etc to look forward to. We have…!

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This is what worked for us well towards the end of the season with the same personnel, so I’d be surprised if Clarke moves away from it.


We may of course have had an answer … if our E&S correspondent hadn’t gone on holiday just as we start to play games and passed us on to a man with the air of somebody who doesn’t give a ■■■■.

He’s only had 4 months off :roll_eyes:

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Sinclair for Bates, and a new RB needed and this will probably be our first 11 going into the season

Not a bad side at all and very settled but can’t help but feel we’d still be missing that spark - maybe after one season under his belt already, Holden can step up and be just that

In all honesty I think Sadler is our best centre back and I’d much prefer him to partner Scarr than Clarke. If we can keep our first choice eleven fit than we can definitely challenge. It’s the squad depth that’ll be the real test

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Live text commentary from E&S:

At least the Shrewsbury correspondent is still working :joy:

Wes and Adebayo off .lavery and Jayden Campbell on at half time 0-0 saddlers shading it.

I would really like us to score a goal as it is 240 minutes without one.