So many injuries

Why do we have so many?
Especially non match injuries
It’s ridiculous and has been for years
Is it poor recruitment , inadequate medical facilities , poor physios and bad player conditioning or just bad luck?
Swear it was never this bad when we had Whitney


I wonder if any of the board stattos can say if there’s a correlation between the increased pace and peak fitness of the modern game with a higher frequency of injuries generally? Do players these days push themselves too hard?

Agree mate although not 100% about it . The fitness and conditioning department does not look like it’s doing a great job ?

I believe Trivela are investing heavily in our fitness department.
I hear they’ve bought a dozen brand new treatment tables.


We do seem to be cursed when it comes to injuries.

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If you buy a mug with a crack in it ,sooner or latter it will break :thinking:

Does anyone know where we are with the injuries?

Menayese seems to be back, if not match fit. Earing back in training? What about the rest? Draper?

I have heard that some are close to a return, some a little way off and some need to develop their match fitness. Draper is 50/50 so may need sometime, although we may be in for return, partial or full on Saturday. Hope this helps.

Priestley Farquharson posted a back soon image on instagram yesterday.



Draper and Farquharson back would be very good news. I’d guess Tierney is another week or so with a hamstring. Do we know what the extent of Riley’s injury is?

Be very surprised if we see Draper again in a walsall shirt.

Need Farq back desperately imo

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Drapers back in full training at Walsall.

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Even if we accept the belief of the most pessimistic of fans that he will return to Lincoln in January (I personally think he’ll be here for the season), it’s just past mid November, he’s back in full training at Essington and I doubt very much he’s going to want to sit on his thumbs for over a month, when he has the opportunity to have leading goal scorer on his CV come the end of the season.

It’s not just us. Wimbledon were in danger of relegation last season with a hospital ward full of long term injuries. It was only when we kick started their season that things improved. Blackpool arguably lost their place in the Championship when they lost three or four key players for the season.
I think you are right. The increasing physical demands are a factor.
It’s strange that there hasn’t been a study

FGR are doing research as to why they have so many injuries this season . I’m sure Mat Stephen’s has just had another op

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So presumably we will sign him in January

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Hope he’s properly fit. He’s hardly had a break has he after his Drogheda spell then here, hopefully we won’t rush him back. We should be capable without him, maybe bring him on last half hour.

I agree I would be surprised to see him start. I feared when he went off injured it would be longer to be honest .as he hinted previously he’d been carrying an injury would be great to have him on bench as an option .and gradually introduced back .it’s a very tough roll he plays up front on his own .if we’re gonna have him for the season need to look after him

From the Beeb again, aboout Menayese and Earing …
Rollin Menayese: Walsall defender ‘grateful’ to be back after 10-month injury absence - BBC Sport

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Not sure if it has already been mentioned but Riley is out for a couple of months with a knee injury.