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So what shall we do?


It wasn’t me :angry:
I “won” £2.40. The inverted commas because the ticket cost me £2.50 hence I lost 10p.


Love the idea of an away end full of Cypriot flags at Bolton. Let’s hope Ozzy doesn’t take in personally!


I’m in in everyone else is :joy:


There has been talks of protests at Bolton - Cypriot flags are £4 on EBay and will arrive before Saturdays match - would be brilliant to see an away end full of Cypriot flags: would certainly attract some media attention. https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/amp/Cyprus-Collectable-Flags/13881/bn_75497761


Amazon too i’d suspect


Is this premature?Surely we have to give the club chance to respond to Rob’s letter . Otherwise,they could just give out all the corporate ■■■■■■■■ about taking complaints seriously, but needing time to investigate.


No quick fix really.

Even if by mercy Bonser woke up tomorrow and decided to put the club up for sale you still need people interested and then negotiations etc.

See Newcastle, Blackpool, Coventry and Charlton where very unpopular owners eventually put their clubs up for sale and still remains that case.

Going forward you have to get the media involved in the present day. I’m sure all the negative stories they’ve printed of Ashley running Newcastle forced him to put them on the market and doubt Bonser would welcome all negativity publicity from E&S so would force him to do something as then the narrative in football of Walsall being a well run little club gets disputed then.


I’ve got the original “pension fund F.C.” Cypriot flag if someone wants it for Saturday?


What ever we decide to do, I think it needs to be a united front.

We seem to have several small groups (SIPP, Unity etc) which doesn’t get Bonser’s attention.

I think to get any kind of reaction it needs to be one large group bringing all of these smaller groups together, including the Supporters Trust, to present a unified and substantial voice with well coordinated and well supported activities.


And we should make media outlets (E&S, Advertiser) aware of the fans concerns.

The media is meant to promote free speech so they should be happy to support the cause and make the club aware of the issues


Whats the point in aproaching express and star, it’s common knowledge they have to have everything they print, sanctioned by club first, And are shareholders in club, why do you think they never publicise anything negative in relation to club
The voice that should be most vocal is infact the trust, yet they never publicly come out and challenge club, despite being the recognised voice of fans with the club, but it apears like the board they feel silence is the best form of comunication


Radio WM is defo a viable option - they do tend to put us on when we call as there are so few of us - most of us having long given up on the station! BUT they will give us that voice and there is little they can do to vet us once we are on!

Lets face it they let Alan from Willenhall loose on the airwaves every time he calls!


Toilets being in diabolical state would be a good starting piece. You can hardly ignore things if basic facilities provided to fans in the actual stadium are not fit for purpose.


WM is a tricky one. They get a bit of stick on here but I don’t mind them covering the Midweek games as likes of Mike Taylor and Marlow and the other one who covers Walsall do a decent job. Edit: Rob Gurney.

However whenever I’ve heard them touch on the general state of the club the opinion is very much Walsall are punching above their weight in mid table in league one so that’s the narrative they seem to have which is what Bonser likes people following Walsall to have.

Not sure a few callers giving their views after a game would change much. Would be better for WM to do a 1 hour special with Walsall fans like WTSFC and some trust guys giving their views on the club (add in a Mole/Gamble representative from the club) but can’t see WM creating space in their schedule for that anytime soon tbh. Not when “Franksey” is reeling in the callers 4-5 times a week with his usual kneejerk opinions.


BTW does E&S still do that supporters opinion matrix once a week? I remember likes of Kevin Paddock and Dan Gilbert used to contribute and we have them posting on here so maybe constant anti-Bonser comments and the E&S might suddenly realise there’s a story that might need pursuing…

Either that or it gets scrapped and the 10 quid fee is taken away. :wink:


Good idea. I haven’t contributed for awhile but I’ll do one after our next home game and get talking about the facilities.


Kev won’t, he’s too far in with the Trust


Do you not think other owners of clubs where the fans are dissatisfied don’t threaten retaliation or place sanctions on media outlets if they knock the regime? Of course they do! In fact in a lot of cases this process helps get the protest more attention. Its not just our chairman that uses this tactic, but a boisterous campaign that is well organised and persistent can achieve a lot more than has been previously. It’s not going to be easy, but as I have said above JB doesn’t like it when the attention is switched on him so who knows how much success we will have.

The only reason the perception of the ‘well run club’ is rolled out is because we allow it to be! Like I say I have never historically been Bonsers biggest critic - but it is now time for him to go. It’s time for us as supporters to stand up. People say we have nothing to complain about - but we do, we just seem to sit on our hands as supporters at Walsall FC - its the years of being treated like idiots by the board, but that has now crossed into complete pisstake territory as far as I’m concerned.


I’ve said E&S should be involved as they cover Walsall most in local area.

Don’t feel WM would do it justice tbh.

Brum Mail don’t even cover Walsall anymore in the Monday football pull out so waste of thime getting them involved.


Let’s get the response first and then keep your eyes peeled :eyes: more news to follow in the coming days/weeks