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So what shall we do?


No it wouldn’t. Those bunch of dinosaurs will never be the right platform. Thankfully with the help of things like Twitter it’s easier to get a group of people with the same opinion without the help of our awful ‘supporters’ trust which stands for themselves, not the supporters. I wouldn’t even ask the supporters trust to get involved. Let them keep going to their monthly meetings discussing their fantasy of getting a place on the board while everyone else does what is best for the club.


You’ll get splinters in your arse if you sit on that fence any longer - say what you think :rofl:


:joy: Don’t get me wrong, there have been people on there I get along with. There still are. I respect those who have been on there and left too for certain reasons. They joined for the right reasons and wanted to change things.


But what is best? I think getting a fan on the board should be part of any campaign. Whether it is from the Trust is another issue. Any campaign needs people of real ability with funds to spare who are willing to give a lot of time to the cause.


Whilst getting a fan representative on the board sounds good in practice it will be as useful as a chocolate teapot whilst Bonser is still there.
The Board has zero real say in anything.
As has been pointed out before Bonser is the majority shareholder and doesn’t answer to the Board.


You may well be right but actually we don’t know and that is my point. A representative of the fans could let us know but more importantly speak directly on a regular basis to JB and co. At the moment we rely on Gamble and Mole to relay our concerns. I am sure they do it well but there is nothing better than direct talks.


I did asked a question on one of the threads if anyone with the know how could maybe create a portfolio of the Club , and try to find a potential buyer rather than wait for Mr Bonsers " ideal new owner , with the clubs best interests at heart " as i don’t think he will be in any great hurry to give a gift horse away even though he makes out he wants to


Same goes for anybody wanting to be on the board. The club have said many times, unless you have the funds then you won’t be on the board.


First post on here for quite a while.

We all know the club is in decline and whilst we all want stronger, better performances on the pitch, the club itself is rapidly rotting from the inside out so the team is unfortunately not the answer for the medium to longer term.

As many have already said, the management (or lack of) of the entire club is outdated, lacking direction and commitment and until this changes then unfortunately, we will continue to see further decline - to what state or level, god knows…

  1. Stadium is a joke for paying customers - nothing to inspire any fans never mind any potential new supporters… it’s embarrasing at our level to have to put up with it.
  2. Service offering (food, drinks, staff) are all chronic and I’m sure a good H&S inspection of the kiosks and toilet facilities would cause deserved concern for the so called board - they can’t be so disconnected as to be unaware of the problems (or maybe they can.)
  3. Ticketing and pricing is outdated and deters (not encourages) support - kid ticket pricing strategy is probably the worst in the Midlands and the commercial department should be ashamed at the lack of initiatives and creativity to attract younger fans to the club.

Only one thing will change the course of the club and we all know what it is - in my opinion, a fan on the board and stuff of that superficial nature is useless because we need change and nothing else…

How can any company where the owner takes approx 10% of turnover (not profit) year on year be anything other than starved of investment. JB is literally wringing the last drops out of the club and he couldn’t give a toss what happens in 5 or 10 years time - what sort of leadership is that?


The performance today is exactly the reason why as fans we need to rebel.

The club we love has been decaying long before Keates, Whitney etc.

Even if we survive we need to do all we can to get change😡


I wonder what would happen if the conference/events side of things had facilities so poor they were actively turning people away from attending? I think we’d see some action then, because that’s the only side of things the club is interested in.

I wish we had a chairman like Accrington Stanley’s. Using TV money to pay for fan coaches to Sunderland. Communicative with supporters. Cares for what the team mean to the community. What do we have? ■■■■-soaked bogs, leaking bars, no food, terrible service and a chairman who can’t even be arsed to attend the 6 minute long AGM’s.

But it’s OK because WFC The Venue have An Evening With Dean Saunders this March.


I appreciate this is difficult to achieve but a great result in terms of PR coverage would be more fans outside the ground singing ‘Bonser Out’ actually during a match than inside… press coverage would be pretty much guaranteed…

The only thing that will shift JB is so much bad press about his finances that the public scrutiny (not fan pressure) drives him to change/sell…

I know we all keep saying he doesn’t react to the fans protests and feelings so it needs to be external pressure that’s non fan related…

The financial facts are clear so closer public scrutiny will be more effective imo…


Why don’t we do this at every single home game from now til the end of the season - in front of the bonser suite. And get WM to be there too?


Because apathy. The average fan would rather moam quietly or post on the Internet.


He would just stop attending again


Cyprus flags at ‘an evening with Dean Saunders’?


I would require payment for spending an evening with Dean Saunders.


After getting the flags out you might be punished by being locked in a closet with him.


I did contact Joe Massi and suggest he starts asking a few difficult questions.


Of Keates? About Bonsor? What would be the point of that? Because he’s not getting an interview with Jeff.