Southampton - sold out?

Evening all!

Does anyone know if tickets for Southampton have sold out? Can’t purchase them online anymore and ticket website suggests we’ve sold out.

Would have expected an announcement if we had?!?


That’s what it’s saying for me too. I’m hoping it’s a bug or something as I wanted to go! Could probably get in the home end if needed though I guess.

Surely we haven’t sold nearly 3000 tickets already? :sweat_smile:


Doesn’t feel likely! :thinking:

Haven’t looked today. But spoke to the ticket office on Friday and it was season ticket holders, and possibly members only until today. So going to ring in the morning…

For Southampton this is literally the equivalent of our home game against Alfreton.

We got what, about a third of our normal home support and shut two parts of the ground.

This will be similar. Southampton will give us as many as we want. And then some.

Grimsby took 4,200 last season.

I think the FA Cup rules stipulate 15% which would be over 4,500.

It’ll be fine.


Got the same when I looked earlier. Didn’t let me book 6 together, then tried again and it said sold out. Surprised if they’ve actually gone that fast.

It better not have sold out, going with some friends who live down there and they said they’ll just get home end tickets for us which I don’t want.

Plus you can pay on the day

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Just ordered ours over the phone so they are still available

Me an’ all

Website is showing them as available now :+1:t2:

Ordered mine yesterday, it was delivered this morning, first class post*.

Someone on here mentioned that the ticket office had said more than 1,200 had been sold. Any update anyone?

  • Paid £1 extra for the post, which is now £1.06 first class. We’ll go bankrupt if that continues.

I don’t know! And they say we’re a financially well run club😁

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[quote="Fish, post:12, topic:10938,

Someone on here mentioned that the ticket office had said more than 1,200 had been sold. Any update anyone?


I was surprised when I read that 1,200 had been sold already, we might sell around that number in total, but not this far in advance.

I think whoever posted that could be mistaken and 1,200 is what is available now (Our initial allocation)

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It can’t possibly be sold out, blimey I only ordered four.

If we take 1500 it will be a great effort.


Six of us would love to go-three generations of same family-but we have problems with transport.Four supporters coaches sold out and they are unable to hire a fifth.Trains and National Express don’t really work-any ideas?

Unless you drive or cadge a lift, your only option seems to be the rattler:

What’s this all about? The club can’t hire more than 4 coaches? They must be having a laugh! They’ve taken 20+ coaches for cup games in the past! I know, because I was on many of them.


Find another 11 people and book a minibus.