Southampton u-21 (H) EFL Trophy, Tue 1st Oct, 7pm

"Saints succeed;
Of the true old enthusiastic breed"


No need for a detailed assessment or prediction for this fixture against Southampton’s kindergarten squad. Suffice it to say that Darrell Clarke will take this opportunity to experiment in some (if not all) areas of his starting XI with a view to having his strongest possible team available for next Saturday’s important League 2 match, the visitors being Salford moneybags City.

Top half of the table, here we come? :wink:

One point to highlight at this stage though … the kick-off is reportedly 7pm for those hardy few planning to attend - the reasoning behind this is presumably so that the match will end before the kids’ bedtime?



Not interested in this game in the slightest. Only benefit is it will give fringe players game time…i personally would NOT go to Wembley if we managed to get to the final of this awful competition.

I will go …interesting to see the team the Manager selects.


It will most certainly be fringe players on the whole, I think we now have the nucleus of our first team squad in place.
Tend to think why the hell he signed players of a similar ilk to Facey & Kiersey in the first place?

Squad rotation?
Rubbish EFL Cup matches like this?

Will Jack Rose be allowed to play against his parent club’s U21’s?

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I think you used to have to play so many first teamers but I’m pretty sure I read this rule was scrapped.

Swap the lot.

Another year of no one caring. Should scrap the whole thing.


Here Efl have a truckload of money and let our kids teams play in the competition said the premier league.Worst mistake they ever made and killed this for most fans.

Good question. Probably my only interest regarding this game.

Get the competition back to what it originally was or scrap it completely.


What are the chances of this game being called off?

So it’s not even the caribou cup anymore?

That’s what the League Cup used to be. This is the old JPT.

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The Jeff P*ss Take.

Tin pot cup or not, would still be nice to keep the momentum going and maybe even a goal or two for flash gordon get his confidence boosted.


I was going tonight but a combination of a bad cold and the awful weather has persuaded me to stay at home in bid to be fit for Saturday. I hope LP will put my fiver to freehold acquisition fund!!!

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Injury free game. Rest is irrelevant.

Good to see Kory Roberts on the bench. Looks like a pretty strong lineup to be fair.