Southend United (A) - Tue 23rd March, 7pm


A Tuesday night trip to the seaside to face The Shrimpers of Southend United in what is potentially a season-defining game for both teams, maybe more so for us at this time.

23rd vs 20th

A combined total of 15 points from the last 20 games combined (only 4 of those being points for The Saddlers!)

Lose this and the worst fears get closer.

Southend United’s last six games:

27th Feb - Salford City (h) - Drew 0-0
2nd March - Cheltenham Town (a) - Lost 1-0
6th March - Oldham Athletic (a) - Drew 0-0
9th March - Tranmere Rovers (h) - Lost 2-0
13th March - Stevenage (h) - Drew 0-0
20th March - Scunthorpe United (a) - Drew 1-1

Going off this form, I can’t wait to watch the game tomorrow :roll_eyes:. 1 goal in six games for Southend and that was a penalty!

Team news for The Saddlers isn’t the best - Hayden White is out through suspension and Tyreik Wright is unavailable through international selection for Ireland Under 21’s. Could we possibly see the return of Rory Holden from the bench?

As always, give us your thoughts about what we are going to witness, team lineup, and potential score predictions, also any players to have played for both - two are Michael Ricketts and Kevan Hurst.

Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a struggle and most definitely not one that will showcase the best of League Two, but COME ON WALSALL get the points and at least keep us in this division for next season.

Southend United vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Southend United Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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FWIW, I’m torn between a draw and a loss. I remember when we lost to these earlier in the season. They were 46 games without a clean sheet. I can’t see us having improved since that say and they’re in better form :flushed:

Play like we did in the last 2 matches and we win. But we rarely play well against the poorer teams.

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Really think we are gonna lose both games

Already nervous.

Having decided to throw in the towel after LP’s cop-out speech, I found myself hopelessly drawn in again on Saturday and was back on here chewing the fat after the game, miserable, just like nothing had ever happened :joy:

This will be my last tenner on iFollow if we lose, I will have to throw in the towel (he says again).

I see only see a nervy 0-0 or a 0-1. :frowning: SO hope I am wrong. Come on lads, turn this around for us - Dutton should just have them all listen to that call on WM from Saturday, hearing that passion and upset over what is going on would surely have a positive effect.


No excuse at all here. Form is all well and good but they are were they are for a reason. Loss or even a draw here and I’ll be heeding Pomletts advice and backing off.

Backing off ifollow subs for the rest of the season. If they’ve chucked in the towel why shouldn’t I.

Dutton in or out?

I have gone for a win above but it isn’t with a great deal of confidence.We will be short of defenders and we all know we find it difficult to score goals however they are not very good either and we are due a slice of luck or two.

Tyreik Wright is unavailable for this game and also vs Grimsby due to being with Ireland Under 21’s

Hopefully Perry’s teammates will have taken note of his example on Saturday,that if you shoot you may score.
Win 1 or 2 nil.

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No doubt he will start with an ultra defensive line up and formation which breeds negativity straight away.These look like they wanted to have a go last game and I reckon they will do so again.So for me we will be on the back foot early doors create absolutely nothing and lose 2-0

Not gonna vote, not gonna write anything. It would be nearly the same, what was written before the Barrow game and it ended so …

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I have gone for a win .

If BD can’t get an attacking game plan to beat these what chance have we of staying up .

LP said he needs the manager to win games .

If the next two games produce anything other than wins he has to give him the bullet surely.

Wright wouldn’t have started anyway. Dutton loves his defensive minded 532 formations x

Why do we have to tell pro footballers this? Exeter’s goalie getting frostbite, and others having afternoon tea on the goal line during a match, it’s appalling, we are sooo bad. Were they ALL at my school where the games teacher used to tell us that playing football was NOT just about scoring goals?
As per the relegation thread, I cannot see any other result here but a 1-0 defeat, they are playing for their EFL existence, whilst we are meekly giving in to our Vanarama Future.
Also missing vital squad members which is falling in to Southend’s hands.
Hoping for a 1-0 robbery in our favour, but we now have so little faith in our rabble that this would be like winning the FA Cup!

Pressed a Walsall win by accident :man_facepalming: However we will lose this 2-0.

P.s 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 does not work with this squad. He has two natural wingers which he must play.

Assume it will be the same team as Saturday with CCM in for White (who I thought very unlucky to be sent off). If he prefers a back 4, then 4-3-3 is most likely.

All will depend on overcoming the fear. If we have not scored by half-time, 0-1 will be most likely. It isn’t going to be pretty.

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I know he is lionised by some on here, but didn’t realise it had extended to a nickname.

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That was no accident, it was a premonition :grin:

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