Southend United (A) - Tue 23rd March, 7pm

Well at least we’ve still got our self respect,Southend tried there hardest to hand us the game on a plate,but we refused to accept charity.


Positives. Surely the Chairman must see Dutton isn’t the answer moving forwards. I think we will stay up, but I don’t fancy watching this every week next season.

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On tonight’s performance, most of them can’t do the basics.

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So how do we make The Club listen

Is it more emails ?

Or more Action ?

These players earn a living from this. So much so, they don’t need another job. That living comes from people parting with money in the expectation of being entertained. It’s a legal con.

Got a new job so contemplated paying to watch this but couldn’t be bothered in the end, looks like I made the right choice!

We are probably going to limp to survival, but Pomlett has some real work to do turn this club around.

How many will bother to turn up when the stadium reopens?

You do realise he shares a home with one of the most badged up manager in the league? :wink:

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Along with the so called manager

I have been “following” the game by reading this thread whilst on a work zoom call with a guy in Melbourne, Oz and in California and ■■■■ me it’s been a depressing read. Was it really as bad as it seems based on the comments (I saw almost nothing positive) even having made 5 substitutions?

Don’t think Leigh will be addressing the fans anytime soon.
Totally indefensible garbage.

Please don’t anybody come out with the well earned point on the road line.

Literally shaking with anger after suffering that .


This is the most unified I have ever seen UTS. A moment.

Unilateral in our assessment that this is beyond poor.

The manager and at least 80% of the squad should leave once the fate of this season is known. They aren’t good enough for us and by association should look to make a living doing something else because we are bottom 5% in the profession.


You do realise we have to score 2 Saturday cos Hanson will score for them


I can understand Dutton’s caution in bringing off Gordon and Lavery if a second yellow is his concern but we had no presence up front at all in the second-half.
Our ‘forward’ players looked as though they were being told to venture into a minefield.
A team bereft of confidence and playing without method.

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Didn’t lose a must not lose. Same applies Saturday really. 5 points needed from 30 I reckon.

If Duttons not going anywhere what use is throwing our toys out the pram continously. Let’s stick together for now. Come on you saddlers.


Mate I aint wasting my time. Nobody is listening.

We need brave leaders in the boardroom and the dugout and all I see is limp, excuse-making wets

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I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned how the National Leagues North and South are littered with ex-league clubs. I genuinely see us there in the next 5 years, it feels almost inevitable the way things are at the moment. It doesn’t feel like we have finished falling at all.


Pomlett won’t like this negativity. He’ll be doing another ‘back off’ video tomorrow.


Mate none of our Cheif Executive Officers or our players would be touched by the Moors. That is the reality we face, take it or leave it. Because nothing is changing.

I am not putting up with this any longer. Done

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Well I was expecting a scrappy game but that was beyond belief probably the worst performance I’ve ever witnessed which wouldn’t of bothered me if we had won, but let’s face facts we were never in the game.

Wes Mcdonald can Rot on the bench not an ounce of effort from him today.


backed out of 4 challenges, they weren’t even 50/50s

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