Southend United (A) Tue 23rd Oct, 7.45pm


poor defending




struggling now


From bad to worse … 3-0 now


So our last 5 goals conceded (arguably 6 given that the one at Oxford followed a throw in) have all come from set-pieces! We havn’t conceded in open play since Doncaster?? In the meantime we’ve stopped scoring despite having loads of opportunities. All crying out for a bit of back to basics.


Really poor defeat this.

Desperately need a win on Saturday as momentum from the surprise start is pretty much gone now.


Unbelievable. Why haven’t we used all of our subs yet?!


What’s happened to that “True Grit” fighting spirit we had a few short weeks ago ??? Come on Deano kick ass get them going . I know what we expected before the season started was to be lower down the league but after such a good start it feels a bit of a let down now. UTS
3 - 0 game totally over now…


W2 D1 L4 F4 A11, 7 points from 7 matches and seemingly getting worse. Not looking good right now.


It’s a mid table squad I’m afraid. Maybe even a little worse than that with Cook getting a bit found out lately.

Anyone dreaming of top 6 is getting a reality check last few days. Luton beating Accy 4-1 so I think they’ll get one of the other play off places on offer.

Top half would be a good season.


Two tough away games, but wouldn’t have predicted a 5-0 deficit.


!!! Bleugh


I agree, still be happy with mid-table/top half and a bit of a cup run. Just very disappointing to be developing bad habits such as not getting shots and headers on target/scoring and conceding sloppy goals from set-pieces.

I’m also not that keen on players going in the press tub-thumping after a defeat. I’d rather the manager do the talking, (as that’s part of his job) and Deano is always frank and honest. Let the players do their talking on the pitch.


Majority of the attack were playing in non league last season let’s not forget.

Little bit different to likes of Posh and Sunderland who can go out and sign the best strikers in this division.

Big fan of Ferrier but he seems to have lost a bit of confidence lately which is a bit problem as the attack dosen’t quite click as it was doing in the early weeks if he’s off it.


First half was decent. Second half was abysmal. More chance of finding Maddie McCann than us finishing in the play offs.


It’s coming.


Let’s hope for a Martin miracle as we seem to have been well and truly sussed and are devoid of ideas


That is my worry now, we have been undone by a few teams


Having been out all evening I got back just in time to hear the summing up from Ben Purkiss on WM…sounds like we were the best team in the first half but failed to take our chances. The lack of goals is becoming a big worry and we need to get our confidence back quickly or else our slide down the table will accelerate. One big problem is that if the forwards aren’t scoring we have no one else who can find the net. My forecast for the season was around mid table and thats where we are heading.


Desperately need a strong performance and result and sooner rather than later.

We have all been saying how we are a close unit, great squad harmony and camaraderie…well now is the real measure of this! It’s easy to make all the positive noises when things are going well.

Just hope some fans don’t go into meltdown…its still an OK start compared to what we expected. A great start has just become an OK start.