Southend United (A) Tuesday 23rd March, 7pm

So, off to the seaside we go on a March weeknight following the wash-out of the original fixture.


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A player I always thought we missed out on was Ron Pountney. A Bilston lad, he played one game for us in 1973, was released, and played hundreds of games for Sarfend and was hugely popular with their fans.

I fancy a win, just ease some of the negativity.

We need to avenge the pitiful home defeat surely :joy:


Roy McDonough played a lot of games for them. I was never a fan of his, but a striker I did like was Brett Angell who scored so many goals for them that Everton signed him.
Scotty Houghton had a spell there and of course we signed Sir Andrew Rammell from them.

4 nil win. Wes & 3 loanees to score leading to a surge in optimism on here and agreement that if you get loan deals right then they can be a good thing.**.

** the opposite is always possible.


I think we will win. 2-0 will do. UTS

A win and a clean sheet would be a fantastic result and would lift our spirits

Dazza will have em fired up for this after reading UTS all week :wink:

3-1 Win

A couple of own goals and a Scarr header.

anyone wanna guess at the lineup lol

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A 3-0 win a bit of ifollow on the go so I can see what the new signings are all about gonna take a game or two to settle in or to get a game no more negativity let’s get behind the players we have at the club.

Now we have gotten rid of the dross that was Ade and Jules, and signed some hidden gems(so hidden no one else saw them) :joy: :wink: i predict an easy 2-0.
But i think we will do well to keep the score down to that :grin: :wink:

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Can you make sure that you count to 20 before posting any scores on here :wink:

And yow HQ

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Will do mate :rofl: I’m guessing the left back walks into the squad thoughts on the striker starting? I reckon he’ll start Josh up top myself.

Who knows what he will do for Project Sarfend

I see him putting Gordon in Adebayos place and the new lad in Gordons that would make sense but this is Clarke so who knows

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I’d go 4 4 2.
Rose in goal if fit
Norman, Scarr, Sadler, Melbourne at back.
Wright, Bates, Kinsella, McDonald in midfield
Derick and Gordon up top.

It could be argued Nolan could be in place of Wright.
This is team I’d go for and when Holden is back play 1 striker with him in between midfield and striker.

I’m going 3-1 win.


I can see us playing four wingers in this one so we should get plenty of crosses into the box for the opposition defenders to lap up, after the manager forgot to select any strikers.

Famous last words with DC but baring injuries most of the team actually picks itself.

Front 3 or Wes-Flash-Wright, middle duo of Kins and Bates as it’s been most of the season and I presume it will be backline with Melbourne straight in at left back and Scarr and Sadler as CBs unless Clarke is fit again.

Probably time for Norman to come back in at RB so think only real debate is whether it’s Osadebe or one of the new attackers starting infront of the two CMs. Given it’s a bottom two team I’d go with extra attacker to push them back given they’re back to conceding plenty.

Of course this is DC though so Hayden White, Lavery and Sinclair all starting this! :joy:

Why does he keep playing White instead of Norman? Sorry if I’m being harsh but is it just me that thinks hes awful?

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The Sarfend line up will be the Super Draw names out of the hat for DC, perhaps he will let a computer do it for him, would probably be more successful!
We expect a win, we will get a score draw.
Even being a Walsall supporter has to be better than being a Southampton one currently!