Squad Numbers 2021/22

Just announced:

Labadie confirmed as Captain too.

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Number 11 has been left spare. Is that a hint they we are expecting to get another player in by Saturday?


I would think so. I doubt JF would be heading South today if there wasn’t a good chance of a signing.

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There are 24 players with squad numbers but only 22 in the team photo. Who are the 2 who are missing?

Mat Sadler is there in coaching gear. Is yesterday’s signing in there?


The other missing is Foulkes (on loan at Kiddie) :+1:

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It was a given to me anyway considering he’s been there and done it(reached the playoffs) in this league a few times with Newport.I wouldn’t read too much into his pre season performances either I believe he’s admitted himself he’s not a fan of pre season so I’d expect him to be awesome at Tranmere this weekend.

No allocation of the No.11 shirt suggests another signing…maybe?

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or 13 or 21, 26 and 27! 4 more signings! Perhaps not.

I don’t think we (or many clubs) use the No.13 shirt do we? Superstition and all that.

I’d be happy with one more. That’s a squad of 25 which should be sufficient.

Who was 11 last season can never remember numbers lol

I think so I also think it’s a palace lad dunno why just got a hunch it will be

Adebayo was 11 was he not?

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Think you could be right there

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Yeah … Then replaced with the finest player to grace a Walsall shirt!!!

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Yeah it was Adebayo

Think Rose was 13 last season.

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I guess one of them was taking the photo?


Big boots to fill the in the number 11 tho, was last Osei-Yaw’s number aka the French Pele.