Squad numbers 2022/23

Squad numbers announced for this season. Number 10 is still not allocated :thinking:

A little teaser maybe?

Number 10 for Mukuna :smirk:

That would suggest a permanent signing.

Lets hope our next number 10 is better than the last!

Thought MF preferred playing without a 10. Maybe this is a rather emphatic way of saying it.


#10 would probably been Johnson had he not been.on loan.
No number for Shaw.

Certain players have preferred numbers. Surprising to see Johnson has reverted to his Orient number after being number 11 for Mansfield last season.

A few of the gaps in the numbering match fringe players and players out on loan - last season Shaw wore 16, Willock 32 and Sawyers 33, they’re all empty. Menayese’s number (24) is also empty. Kiernan wore 7 last season (now Riley) but has been wearing 19 this season and that’s empty.

Perry was 20 but that’s now been taken (by Clarke), and I don’t think Foulkes had a number.

12 is empty and that’s a number we would usually use so that may be an incoming player.


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Also empty!

11 had already gone to Williams at the point DJ joined. Let’s hope his return to number 39 sees a return to the form he had when he last wore the number!

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Coaching/ back room staff seem to have increased too.

There all very spread out :rofl:


I wonder if excluding Shaw, Willock and Sawyers from the numbers and photo is Flynn’s way of proving he needs more signings.

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Squad numbers show a squad of 23 players. Matchday squad of 18, doesn’t leave much room if injuries hit.

Out of the 23 given numbers, Wilko, Labs, McEntee, Riley and Gordon are all currently injured, so Saturday’s squad will consist of the only 18 fit first team players.

Some more signings are needed to cover this.

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Depending on Earing’s fitness we may not actually have 18 fit first team players. We still have one slot for a loanee.

It’s so UTSers can photo-shop new signings in the gaps


Reminds me of an old mate of mine at school.We were asked to write an essay on something or other can’t remember now anyway most of us wrote about 25-50 pages on this subject and he’d wrote nearly a thousand pages! Turns out he’d wrote about 3 massive words on each page :joy: genius level stuff.

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Wonder if positions of daniels and Kinsella each side of management is a sign of captain and vice captain or club captain. Seeing as Williams and Clarke also in that row