ST Renewals for 22/23

After the transfer window, minute gate, ‘good week’, etc.

Will you be renewing your ST? The poll prior to the Transfer Window had 61% saying No.

ST Renewal for 22/23?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Still Undecided

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I have voted yes, as provided we are still in the league, I will be able to renew my ifollow ST and then still attend some home matches when in The UK. As much as I’m pissed off at the minute, I don’t want to bite my nose off to spite my face.
Walsall FC has been a part of me since 1971 and I will continue to support it financially for as long as I can.


Yes for me. Fan since 1966.


No. Its an absolute chore to attend home games, the experience on and off the pitch is horrendous. I’ll still go to away games, i’m contemplating Scunthorpe next week, but these clowns need to get the message and the only message they understand is financial, they’ve made that clear by mugging off the fanbase for so long.


I will still go to away games where possible

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Away games for me. I’m not being taken for a mug again. Until there’s tangible change, they’ll keep f***ing us over. The only way to force change is with your wallet. Do you think they really give a shit about ISSA and booing at games and “protest”? Of course they don’t.

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That’s how I feel, I know I will still want to attend however crap we are. I don’t spend any other money at the club, no programmes, no beer, no food, and nothing at what passes for the Club Shop.
I can understand why people are deciding “no” though. Can I suggest everybody who is in that camp sends an email to our waste of space SLO. He’s useless but the message might get through, if there is a large enough quantity. Maybe.

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It’s a bugga. We lost quite a few fans following the debacle in 2008 and I imagine quite a few haven’t returned.
People will have different reasons for not renewing and you have to respect their decision, same as respecting those that wish to continue financially supporting the club, with the logic that if we don’t, then we could be accelerating the decline.


I have voted No. I can’t believe I have but there comes a time to react and let the bozos who still have a say in this Club realise the hurt and passion and distaste at present.
I have been a supporter for 67 years and a ST for much of that including now.
My Grandad played for the Club briefly in the early 1900’s my Grandad and Grandma were season ticket holders at FP until they couldn’t attend in their later years. My Grandad had a big family who all supported/support the Club until now. My cousin is a 1888 member.
My older brother was a ST holder all his life until he passed away, his son/my nephew was a ST for many years and did work for the media team at Bescot. He saw behind the scenes and how the working Directors operated and walked out and is now a Baggies ST holder. That says it all.
My 21 year old grandson is a ST holder since his time with the Swifty club despite being the only kid in his entire schooldays here in North Staffs that supported WFC. He feels the same as me.
Sorry for the history lesson and I appreciate that many others on this board can say something similar but it is to underline how we now feel after a disastrous January for the entity that is the WFC Board of Directors.
Like many in 2019, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel when LP bought out the Leech who made football history by continually bleeding his own Club dry for 30;years.
Regrettably that light dims as each month passes and it is now a flickering candle at best.
The old boys Club still rule and January 2022 proves that fact. We have 2 working Directors installed by Bonser and still there despite everything and with no investment in the Club. We have amazingly Bonser’s right hand yes man still on the Board with no investment in the Club. We have installed an unelected SLO who doesn’t like communication and is a mate of one of the working Directors and no investment in the Club. None of these want change of course for obvious reasons.
Me and thousands of others left their ST money in the Club at the Club’s hour of need as we saw it.
We were fools to do that.
When I look at the storms of anger and protest on Twitter and elsewhere I now realise we have to hit the old boys club in their wallets as now is the perfect storm seen by most.
We need to have a concerted effort to increase the ISSA membership as they alone have the core feeling for the Club’s best interest.
Worth saying that if only 500 don’t take up a ST in early bird that’s around £150K that doesn’t land in the bank account for the old boys network. If 1000 don’t it’s £300K.


Away games for me and I’ll choose my home games based on changes and form.

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I could name a few, and I expect any long-standing fan could.
I know it is pointless for me not to renew, I couldn’t stay at home when we are playing at Bescot, and to do so would make me miserable and unhappy, and if I am going to be miserable and unhappy it might as well be at the match surrounded by others in the same boat.


One for sure but undecided on our second one. Those I sit with don’t post on here but I would confidently say they will all renew.

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Out of interest, Mazza, how many selective games would you need to attend before paying what you would pay for an early bird ST?

I’m a Yes but for mostly the same reasons as @JumboTrudgeon. I think we will be hard pressed to find ANYONE who would say yes because they truly enjoy the football, matchday experience (outside of seeing friends/family) and are hopeful or expectant for a better future on or off the pitch.

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what a fantastic post setting things out, with a personal element too.

For a guess around 60%

I just had a look on the site
Works out you get 11 games free, 12 if you decided to pay on the day.

Certainly a good deal financially.


Me and my 2 lads not renewing

It’s IFollow, but I plan to renew.*

  • conditions apply, for example staying in this league for a start

Will be renewing and I’ll still be going to every away game

Yes, we’re shit, but it’s the only time in the week that I get to meet up with family and friends as I work 55+ hours a week.