State of the pitch

Yesterday at the game the pitch is possibly the worst I have saw it over the last 4-5 years. I know we have a shed load of rain but the water doesn’t seem to be draining well.

Both goal mouths are a mud bath and you could see the players boots sinking into it by a good 2/3 inches.

I know the Villa ladies played on it today too which won’t have helped at all.

Unless we are making stupid money I’d be letting Villa know the ladies ain’t playing on this pitch next season.

We primarily play on the deck we need this pitch to be the best it can be.


2 games on it in 2 days .Villa ladies on there today which will not help the state of the pitch.
As I’ve said before I really hope we are getting a substantial amount off villa . And if not is it really worth letting them use it ?

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It really is though, they pay 100 odd grand apparently.

I dont like it more than anyone but thats good money towards the mortgage, plus we take more on the day through concessions. Does anyone really think Walsall are doing it through the good of their heart?

Pitch will be fine…We are never going back to the “Bescot beach” days.


Last few seasons the groundsman has only been able to afford to scarifiy & reseed the pitch. He’s been been trying to get lateral drainage work done and major work behind the touchline at the away end, it still stinks like a swamp. Hopefully he will be able to get it done this year, the pitch compacts over time. Yesterday the pitch had been verti-drained to help the water pass down through the pitch.


The nerd in me really enjoys the term “verti drained”.


Peanuts for villa. They pay 100k probably the same they pay ollie Watkins a week :joy:


I thought the pitch stood up well yesterday considering how wet it has been. We dont play a possesion game so it wont be as big an issue for us as it might be some. As for Villa women playing there it is good money and all goes towards the budget we would be fools not to welcome them.

Thats not relevant though is it? Not sure what a 16 goal prem striker going to the Euros has to do with it.

Walsall arent gonna be doing it for free. Its cash in the door for a dormant stadium. Stupid to turn it down in the current climate. It probably pays for Adegboyega if it makes you feel any better.


I’d imagine that the Villa Ladies deal is a very good one.

Villa won’t have a whole host of options as attractive as us. I know Bodymoor Heath has a ground so to speak but that won’t tick the boxes and the other Grounds Locally won’t be set up for Media and Broadcast like we are. Probably only the Moors and Cov are the alternatives. Hope we drive a hard bargain. I drove past this afternoon, looked like a decent crowd for their game in the WSL.

Our Groundstaff seem to be respected by a lot of people.

The Pitch at Walsall has been great year after year.

The weather since Christmas has been very wet, It can only take so much I’d imagine.


Latvian verti-draining is noisy, bit like Walsall fans when we went behind yesterday.


You might get a ban for posting such filth.

Tractor porn. Are you a tory?


I’d forgotten about that. :smiling_face: oops.


Yeah the pitch was heavy but a lot of work had gone into it. The away end doesn’t dry in the winter and there was standing water down the middle of the pitch yesterday early on.

The weather has been very wet for several months and if you think of the pitch like a sponge once it’s saturated it can’t take any more water on and it’s barely had any chance to dry out which is why rain that wouldn’t normally make any difference is putting games in jeopardy.

There has also been some sort of leak under the pitch I am told which hasn’t helped.

If it needs it then hopefully we get the funding to do what we can in the close season to improve things.

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Its not ideal but could be worse. Look at “Massive” Bradford and the state of VP


Wonder if the problems with the training ground pitches have been resolved, I seem to remember early in the season they were water logging.

Grant McCann moaning that our pitch was worse than Valley Parade because they lost against us presumably.
He should take account of places like Salford and Gillingham etc etc etc before opening his mouth.
Never liked the bloke anyway.
Don’t remember their pitch being like Wembley.


We’ll see what it’s like in a few weeks when we give them another whaling

More like Wembley speedway track :grin: