Stay or go?

As its coming towards the end of the season who do you think will be here next season?
Isaac Hutchinson. Can see him leaving for a league one club even though he has a year left.
Jamille Matt.offer a 1 year extension he’s useful to have around for me
Tom Knowles.Tough one I’m undecided on him.
Joe Foulkes.If he’s out of contract i think he’s worth keeping
Jackson Smith definitely keep for me offer new deal
Taylor Allen.Offer new deal he’s earnt it
Douglas Taylor.Release never rated him
Danny Johnson.Sell him if anyone wants him Sadler just doesn’t fancy him
Dave.Sign him if its a possibility
Adeboyega. Love to sign him but can’t see it happening.
Josh Gordon.Send back to Burton works hard but doesn’t score enough.
Mo Faal.As annoying as he can be I’d take him if available he’s got potential to improve.
Ross Tierney. Send back don’t rate him myself .
Owen Evans.I think he will choose to leave and im not really bothered either way.
These are players that are mostly loans or out of contract if I’ve forgotten anyone feel free to mention them .

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Completely depends on whether we are in Div 3 or 4 next season. If we get promoted then we will need to massively strengthen. If in Div 4 then we are only 3 or 4 additions from being the business. This league won’t be as strong next season if Stockport, Wrexham, Mansfield and The Mongs get out.

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Releasing Joe Riley frees up a wage but perhaps, Dave could take it with pay rises for Taylor Allen and Jackson Smith.

I also see Owen Evans as one of the higher earners but feel that George Barrett would be a decent back up next season.

I really hope that Maher gets integrated into the squad and the money we would save on Evans and possibly DJ should be enough to cover the wages of Faal, Knowles (new contract) and a decent striker.

We need to spend some money on a number 9 but it’s convincing them to join. Having said that, the way we are finishing the season is really promising.


Forgot about Riley i think he will go

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Knowles, offer a new deal
Evans, feel like he’ll leave to be a guaranteed number one elsewhere
Matt, offer a new deal
Riley, release
Meneyese, release
Oteh, release
Allen, offer new deal
Foulkes, i think he’ll be leaving as he’ll want guarenteed first team football elsewhere
Smith, offer new deal
James-Taylor, release

Okagbue, sign
Tierney, wouldn’t sign
Faal, sign
Gordon, wouldn’t sign

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We will need more than that I reckon depending on who you think will still be with us next season (assuming we don’t go up)

Tierney, Gordon, Faal, Adegboyega, and big Dave are all loans. Not sure if any of them will be with us next season, Gordon possibly. That is 4 or 5 that need replacing.

DJ shouldn’t be with us next season, I still rate him but Sadler doesn’t so he should go.

Matt, debatable if he has another season in him, possibly but not a certainty.

Owen Evans will probably leave.

Hutchinson could possibly be sold.

Don’t know the score with Knowles contract, does he have another year?

There is more work to be done than it seems at first glance I think. 7 or 8 players at least.


Few i missed there as well i agree though Menayaise won’t get offered anything and Oteh has been too injury prone let him go.

Less than usual but still probably 7 or 8 ins and outs

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We’ve got an option another year on Knowles, as well as Taylor Allen, DJT, Remi Oteh and Harry Williams.


Harry Williams another one not sure about him think I’d either release him or send him out on loan

Upfront I’d offer a year to Matt
DJ will probably move on as it’s obvious he’s not wanted by MS.
DJT l’d release and Oteh too.
Hutchinson will probably be sold.
It’s a big ask for Adebayego and Dave but let’s see how serious Trivela really are.
Evans will move on I’d imagine.
We should definitely offer TA a good deal as he’s earned it.


I would assume we would trigger the clause on Knowles, we may even offer him an extension. Same with Taylor Allen.

Not sure about the others, Oteh seems to be a player but he’s never fit.


Do we think Knowles and Foulkes are good enough options at rwb for a promotion chasing side? I’m unsure don’t dislike either though

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I agree Mark. I was basing that assumption on what we currently have. You are correct, some will leave of course.

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I honestly think we’ve missed Knowles tbh and Foulkes has done ok.


To be fair, i have a bit more faith that we will bring in decent players. It wasn’t really meant to be a negative post, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

I am still hanging on to promotion this season, you never know!

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Thought he had one of his best games today tbh.

He did best I’ve seen him play

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I don’t think Foulkes has done badly overall at all to be honest.

Wing back is a very difficult role to play. I definitely think he is worth having in the squad, he could still improve too.


I’d suspect Knowles, Allen and Williams are certain to be picked up.

The first two are obvious, but I don’t think the club would sign Williams and then dump him after a season when he made a decent (unexpected) showing in the first team and then picked up an injury. If he’d stayed fit I think he would have been picked during our central defence crisis and I think he’s probably out-performed expectations from when he signed.

Oteh likewise - he’s looked decent when he’s played, he’s still young and while the injuries are concerning I’d give him another year.

Personally I would release DJT, but Sadler sees something so I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if he was given another year.

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