Stevenage (A) Feb 29th, 3pm

Anyone off here going?


They are fighting for there league status for will deffo give us a game…Question is can we find a little bit of consistency and carry our good few (halfs) of football into this game and give a very poor stevenage a game or will it be a replay of the home game and be a complete bore off with Stevenage actually giving us a good game?

im going 2-1 too us
Cya all there

They have lost 8 on the trot. I don’t like playing teams on runs like that because they come to an end eventually.BUT we are in good form so 2-0 to the Saddlers.

Uploaded on social media a couple of hours ago but photo might have been taken yesterday.

Could be a decent game as only wins will do for Stevenage in their plight to stay in the league with games running out . Hope Clarke concentrates on his own team and picks an attacking team and really goes for it . UTS

They uploaded the pic yesterday and have had plenty of rain since, hopefully it’s all gone now.

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Ye it’s just flooded now :joy: :wink:


Only 198 tickets sold by us. (4 of them to me)
After the last couple of games surely there must be more of us going than this. :thinking:

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I’m going with one other as I live just a short drive away. Photo is from yesterday. Today it started raining at 8:30 and hasn’t stopped all day. Might be very waterlogged. Don’t forget no trains tomorrow. Car parking near ground is not good - one car park which is free near the ground, space for 500 cars but has only 1 entrance/exit. Gets very congested after the match. Retail parks nearby but they only allow 90 minutes on match days so will probably be ticketed. Town centre car parks about 20 minute walk away. Street parking near the ground may be restricted too.


Free digital matchday programme to download here:


Think that’s brilliant, thanks for sharing. Love the way they’ve added the video and digital marketing into the traditional concept. Imagine this is popular with supporters and advertisers, hope WFC do the same.

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That’s incredible, genuinely innovative.

If you’d have told 7 year old me that one day I’d be able to virtually turn the pages of one of those programmes I love through a comp screen I’d have tried to burn you shouting witch.


We look a completely different animal just lately we look a threat going forward but atrocious at the back these as @Butters has said are fighting to stay a football league side so usually I’d say a loss but we look like we’ve turned a bit of a corner so I’ll go 3-1 win Josh with 2 Adebayo with the other

I have heard that Luke Pearce (the 15 year old who was on the bench against Chelsea) will be once again on the bench tomorrow. This send messages to me which shows DC rates him higher than Mitch who will surely be on his way in the summer. Also Dom Rogerson is supposedly going to be on the bench who is a gk so it will be interesting to see if Rose gets the nod in goal again like last week.

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I’ve heard good things about both of those players to be fair.

Same, wonder if we are winning will Luke be bought on, would he become our youngest ever player at 15?

I’m liking the sounds of this kind of thing in fact it’s music to my ears and really is our bread and butter as a football club let’s hope DC can nurture them and get them ready for life in league 2.

I’m going tomorrow on the Bowesy bus. Will be a tough game, if we score early we’ll be fine otherwise it could be a frustrating afternoon, our recent slow starts persuade me it’ll be the latter. Stevenage 1-1 Walsall.

Sure I’ll see @Butters and a few others I know of from here there as usual :+1:


Looking at the digital programme I see they have one of our old lazy, couldnt hit a barn door, booboy favourites in the squad

Stevenage 3-Walsall 2
Simeon Jackson 13, 23 & 45+3
Attendance 2,666
Darrell Clarke to announce that he and Rory Holden are now an item

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Anything less than a convincing win is a disappointment here. These are the worst team in the football league bar none. It’s as easy at it gets.

Yes, we usually do well in these ‘easy’ games.

Fortunately, it’s away. So we have a chance.