Summer Recruitment

Egg puns are the worst. They crack me up.

Yeah, he wasn’t/isn’t a top striker by any means.

That miss v Bradford didn’t help his cause, I just felt he got a bit more stick than he deserved.

Our tactics were mainly punt the ball forward for him to willingly chase. He scored over 10 goals and a similar total this season I believe. Not someone you would want on the kind of wages that are reported but we haven’t had that many 10+ goal a season strikers over recent years.


They shouldn’t have to shell out much then this season.

These puns have gone beyond a yolk

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You would think so, but it might depend on whether any of those players are poached by other clubs. That might scramble their plans a little.

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Careful with the eggs puns, it could cause a few on here to crack.

But it is crucial that this summer, we shell out for some quality players. If we don’t, we could be left with egg on our faces come next Easter.

If we can find a decent poacher we shouldn’t have to worry about scrambling the wrong end of the table.


Is it me or has everybody had en’oeuf’ of these egg puns??


They will keep coming, huevo you like it or not.

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Eggsactly what I was thinking!

I’m sure it’s causing some eier for certain posters.

It’s enough to scramble your brains…just ask Benedict.

These comments should be egspunged.


Silly !

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I am glad you are here. At least you will set a good eggsample.

I think someone must have ruffled his feathers

Ah, Bournemouth Benedict… a quite eggtraordinary fellow.

I sense some tension. Probably needs to get laid.

Miller wasn’t an awful footballer but he’s a striker who required chances. You give him 4/5 chances he’ll take 1 maybe 2. The reason those misses stood out more was because we barely created chances under Taylor meaning when he therefore missed one, it really hurt us in that particular game. His Bradford (H) miss was inexcusable however.