Summer Transfer Rumours 2022

Someone had to start it :joy:

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When’s Jimmy coming back?
Player X is in the Fryatt Hotel
Lee Frecklington on his way to the club
George Boateng nearly confirmed

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My first sensible one would be taking a look at Toumani Diagouraga who has been released from Morecambe


Used to work with an old Italian geezer (Pasquale) from Naples, who for some reason couldn’t say Duncan Goodhew’s name properly. Sounded pretty similar to that, Dougougouyou.

Is Romaine coming back?

Bring back roberts Taylor leahy Guthrie and Bakayoko . should have never let them go

Why don’t we look at Leon Clarke, I’m sure he could do a job. He’s only 56.


Note that Hularhan (or however ya spell his name) has been released, absolute gem, but will probably be picked up by Posh or similar, ie a club that can pay him…

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All quiet at the Poundland.


I’ve heard a strong rumour that Jamie Cureton could be signing for us this summer

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Haynes and Dolan from Newport could be possible also David Davis is a free agent from Shrewsbury

Currently “player” manager at Enfield in the Essex Senior League. Bit of a drop down for him to come to us …


This is true… there was me thinking we finally had a chance now he’s 60

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Whose going to pretend they have inside info about transfers this year?

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Callum Camps released by Fleetwood

@Thanatos now that @ZahirKhan786 doesn’t make an appearance :eyes::joy:

Just checked, and Mr Khan will be back in October x


Have Orient released him then?


I wonder whether we might see Padraig Amond here?

When’s Kevin Phillips coming?!

Not a rumour as such but chatting to Scottish Dave and he reckons Steve Lawless a versatile left footed midfielder from Dunfermline would be a really good acquisition, they’re in a relegation playoff and likely needed to be offloaded this summer as one of their top earners.