Summer Transfer Rumours / Confirmed 2023

Go on then, no time like the present!

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If my memory serves me well, as the song goes, the only “rumour” that was accurate was the impending signing of Riley? Based on all our transfer activity over the last 12 months there won’t be any rumours :grinning:

I hear we are in for some league 2 journey men recovering from serous injuries who have zero pace

Also some kid from the championship who can’t control a football but is quick will join on a 12 month loan.

Evans, Daniels & Knowles will leave in Jan 2024 (or sooner) and have decent careers at a higher level

Rico will say at Brentford for another 10 years and miss out on an England cap.


Danny Johnson 2 year deal make it happen.


Walsall Fan TV (the joy and the pain) should be able to fill us in with who we’re going to sign. James Norwood anyone?

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Will Jimmy be coming back?

Sums it all up really does it not…may as well close the thread.

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Anyone mentioning ‘scratchings’ should be banned for a month.


Can’t wait for the return of legendsofbescot and amir with their in-depth in the know signings!


Rumours flying around that we are after Bacuna again.

That was last year’s signings! But, probably we can rinse and repeat for next season, and the next, and the next. The main reason we have performed so badly over the last 6-7 seasons has been the poor quality of players we have signed.

Alex Ferguson would have struggled to get a tune out of that lot. Add to this the complete lack of any decent youth players coming through and you have a recipe for failure. We need a really big summer where we sign at least 5 quality players. Let’s go for quality, not quantity.

Which one? Bacuna Matata? He’ll command a princely sum!


Who needs bacuna we have makuna !

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Oldest players still active in league 1 this year. Thought I’d help Flynn out


Mariappa signed for Salford yesterday

On a serious note someone who I know who is closely connected with West Bromwich Albion says we have made enquires for their youth star striker Jovan Malcolm. I understand he’s very much in the mould of young Doug Taylor - quick, strong and a good finisher. Make of that what you will.


Maybe if we switch to a 433 formation next season with Wilkinson and Knowles on the wings, with ‘Malcolm in the Middle’?


It could herald the start of The Wonder Years.

Can he deliver 10 goals before Christmas :smiley:

Zain Westbrook’s who I believe was training with us has joined Donny until end of season obviously Flynn didn’t rate him

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