Summer Transfer Rumours / Confirmed 2023

A 36 year old who would take ages to get anywhere near fit to play and whose legs have likely gone anyway.



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Had a feeling
[/quote] another statement that that can be interpreted any way people want to and I’m sure will be .don’t know why they bother putting stuff like this out .talk about smoke an mirror’s :roll_eyes:

Not one free transfer has any match fitness though :confused: it’s a big issue

Fair lol

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Neither did Hussey !

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Not that big, provided they’re proper pros and have been training properly.

Andy Butler was signed in November…

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The problem with signing a player recovering from an ACL injury is that with us having no reserve team the only way he would get match fitness is a few minutes here and there,that could take months. Best to give the minutes to Williams in my opinion.

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Jesse Debrah, who was linked with us over the summer, has joined Vale.

Would have been a good replacement for Hussey.

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Are women allowed in league 2?

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Plays at international level for Isbekystan.

What’s Jack Simpson up to these days? Not sure about his temperament or fitness but there is undoubted quality there

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Would be worth offering a short term contract.

Could go one of two ways:

Could be like Paul Ritchie and transform the team


Could be like Russell Martin and completely disrupt the squad.

Might be a perfect Walsall signing…

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Yes that’s all very well but is he recovering from a recent ACL injury? Otherwise forget it, he wouldn’t fit into our system.

@Worsul4eva Thats certainly been our Achilles heel, of late…

He might not pass the ‘no nobhead’ test, but having your contract cancelled sometimes does wonders for a player’s humility…

What’s he supposed to have done? Seems to enjoy leaving soon after arriving

Who’s left under 30 so I can’t get moaned at suggesting them ?

Not sure don’t know whether he’s had injuries or what was highly rated at Bournemouth and they tried to keep him but he signed for Rangers then played nearly 30 games season before last for Cardiff then played twice last season and they released him on transfer deadline day the other week.

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We could look abroad we dont have to stick in the English leagues.

Dont we have a Global football director and a scouting software system the prem clubs use?? (Any guess its secretary football manager).

I have always rated this guy

Magnar Odegard, 30yo strong CB. :smile:

Haven’t seen a tache like that since Derek Mountfield!


Always wondered where Lord Lucan ended up…