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Sunderland (A) FA Cup 2nd round replay, Tue 11th Dec 7.45pm


I can see now … an easy mistake to make , thought i could see some headlight’s on the M6 for a minute in the background…:rofl::rofl:



Let’s sink these now. Should have taken 3 points in the league so let’s knock them out the cup.


Another poor pass from Martin, nearly gives away equaliser. Still dosen’t seem match fit.


Martin needs to stop thinking he’s Beckham


Bookies will be happy could be a right coupon buster​:joy::joy: UTS


Sunderland’s 3rd yellow card, 74 minutes !!!

Walsall’s 1st yellow card a minute or so later …


Meanwhile Bradford 3-3 Peterborough, and Newport 3-0 Wrexham…


(BBC text) “Walsall are looking compact and very comfortable here” (that’s the kiss of death on it…)

Sunderland’s 3rd substitution, 76 minutes.


For you Twitter fans “Stadium of light” is trending in 3rd place !!


Must be great for the fans who went.


Bradford 4-4 now.

Posh conceding loads of goals which is promising for the upcoming away game.


201 Saddlers in a crowd of 8,212.

Sounds as if we are hanging on a bit at the moment after a fairly comfortable first 70 minutes. Really pleased for Kinsella, had a good second half on Saturday and having a great season so far.

Come on lads…


Never thought we would be winning just goes to show how unpredictable this team is :grinning: and i don’t think they were all first choice tonight


4 minutes of added time…


What a win that is :smile::smile:


What a result that is.




unreal :joy:


Great performance lads. This young and inexperienced team deserves more support than it is getting. Yes there will be “ups and downs” but they always do their best. Well done everyone.UTS


Brilliant result.

Deserves so much better than Bolton away in the next round. At least that is another winnable tie or at least stay in hat for 4th round draw.

Hopefully that clean sheet will get the confidence up in defence and get back the resilence from August as Sunderland had plenty of good attacking players on at the end.

Leahy and Devlin were superb btw…