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Sunderland (A) FA Cup 2nd round replay, Tue 11th Dec 7.45pm


Phenomenal. Proof we can beat anyone. Let’s take this into the league now. Very proud of the lads.

Up the ■■■■■■■ saddlers <3


Excellent stuff

WTF is going on with Twitter? Stadium of Light now 2nd and #Walsall trending in third. Unbelievable Jeff.


Like I said, everyone knows million to one shots always come off!


Great performance and result.


Get in. Bolton in all sorts of disarray in and off the pitch atm. A winnable tie.


Reunion with Ozzy aswell.


Hope you’ve suitably embarrassed. Change the record.


Hilarious stuff


Dean Keates Barmy Army!


Sounded solid. Great win!!!


Great stuff! Most used phrase in the commentary - ‘well organised’.


Will you ever learn?



Sounded a tremendous performance on commentary. Looking forward to seeing the goal. Nice that Sunderland seemed to hardly have a sniff due to a good defensive effort.
Looking forward to going to Bolton.


Chuffed to bits with that and credit to the 200 Saddlers that were there - you could certainly hear them!

Three games undefeated against Sunderland now.


We have found a new forest :joy:


Mackems saying on their website ‘well we were never going to win the cup anyway…’

Hope we go and win the cup now, just to show em!


Proud to be a SADDLER :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Great performance, fantastic goal. Team worked really hard. So glad i made the effort now!


O BOY that’s a result for the books… Well done all involved tonight Team ,management and the supporters who made a great effort to go way up north. UTS