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Sunderland (A) FA Cup 2nd round replay, Tue 11th Dec 7.45pm


Anyone got a link to the highlights for those over the water? I’m suffering a VPN failure.


Same here!


I m in uk but try this


Now on YouTube


Think the knee slides need some practice …two of 'em failed miserably…lol.


One thing occured to me last night was how nice it must be to come from a town where everyone supports the football team.


Not everyone spoke to one of their stewards who quietly told me he was a Newcastle fan


Thanks for the link.


…hang on Simon that is a big pitch at Sunderland ya know …:rofl::rofl:


i thought it was pretty good being he’d only done one about 3 year’s ago …:rofl:


If we continue our cup run we will have to re-arrange the Sunderland game as it’s the date of the quarter finals :wink: