Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


Hang on in there lads, this could be one of the biggest upsets in our recent history!!


Barnsley 1 (Cauley Woodrow 62’) Doncaster Rovers 1

@JollyJohnny :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sunderland sound well on top again. Surely get another CM on to keep the ball for a bit, they have got a man less after all.



Should’ve put Osbourne or Ronan on.


Away fans on the pitch yet again! W@nkers!


Full time.

Good job Sunderland got a red card after 20 minutes.


Last time I checked poor discipline wasn’t luck.


23 points to go :disappointed:


Of course but when Sunderland get 10 corners in first 20 minutes that obviously grinds to a halt when you lose a man.

Anyway 2 up against 10 men with half hour left can only be two points dropped. Don’t understand why DK didn’t put Osbourne or Ronan on to close down the space in midfield and actually attempt to keep the ball.


Did anyone expect them not to dominate the game.

They went down to ten. We took full advantage. They rallied and we got a point nobody expected of us.

It never ceases to amaze me when people know that their supposed changes would have definitely worked. Ronan is an attacking midfielder. Osbourne is a completely immobile defensive midfielder. I don’t see either making much difference there.


I predicted 2-2 about tenth post down.

Just feel in game management remains a bit of a weakness of DK. Dosen’t mean I think he’s the second coming of Whitney or anything and overall it’s been a good season so far, better than I expected.


Totally agree pal :ok_hand:


Fair enough. We did meet expectations for you then?

Like I say, I’m really not sure those changes would have made any difference. Particularly Ronan. Osbourne might have but he’s been dreadful all year.


Not at all but I was realistic after Burton and Coventry games when plenty on here were going into overdrive after those results. Of course both kept 11 on the pitch.


You cannot drop points from being 2-0 up against 10 men. It’s not a good point given the circumstances. Not happy.

Devlin and Ginelley were outstanding though.


Attendance: 7,868 (3,279 Sunderland supporters)


DK on WM: Team were “naive” Thought Sunderland red card was probably a yellow aswell.


Nice to know we weren’t outnumbered as predicted.


Anyway will go and get my tickets for cup tie early next week…shame the team couldn’t have held onto the win as that would’ve got more casuals excited and maybe pushed the attendance close to 10k.


Poor to let it slide from there.

Outstanding to get there in the first place.

Finishing was poor. Cook has been outstanding in recent weeks but he seems to either be lethal or dreadful on his finishing. Devlin outstanding. Effort and actually quality which he sometimes lacks. Gino back to the player he was at the start.

I will say that’s exactly the situation Martin was brought in for, to add a bit of experience in those situations. I really don’t blame Keates for that. Players need to look at themselves for switching off in that situation, you don’t need a manager to tell you that.