Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


You weren’t very far off :+1:


Sunderland view


Didn’t realise we were such a big scalp. First Cov fans now Sunderland celebrating an equaliser like they’ve won a cup :joy:


Ginnelly’s overhit through ball to Ferrier about a minute before their equaliser will ■■■■ me off for days to come.


This very point was made in commentary.


Is that Devlin who is not fit to wear the shirt @neuromantic ?


Yeah. But to be fair to him he hit a worldie cross first half that really should have been put away and looked a danger all game.


" Ross had sprung a surprise with his starting XI, matching Wrexham’s 4-4-2 and installing Bryan Oviedo in an unfamiliar right-wing berth."

Think he was at a different match …


A point against a Premier League team is not to be frowned at.
3 would have been better but let’s now concentrate on the Cup.
I really hope we get through and get Vile in the 3rd round.
@SaddlerHQ how will you feel when we knock your beloved Vile out the cup ? (I remember your Villa supporting ■■■■■ from the old site if no one else does).


Game management and all that, though.


I thought that they were in League 1? :confused:


Given. But they have Premier League money and players Mr Self Righteous.


Ehhh game management would have been turning back and knocking it to the full back rather than risking the through ball. I think he made the right decision in that split second, could have finished the game and on balance he had a great game.

It was the execution not the philosophy that was wrong for me.


Funniest moment of the game was the joy in the announcers voice when he announced all the trains to Sunderland had been cancelled.


I get what you mean, and he had a great game, but that was a decisive moment.


Apart from the usual sniping at each other like schoolkids, anyone think we might get more than 8 seconds on quest tonight? Oh silly me, of course we will. it’s the mighty, fabulous, untouchable, champions elect, just failing to beat A.N. Other team, despite wrongfully going down to 10 men. Looking forward to the invited guest dribbling uncontrollably about how wonderful their team, and fans really are, or am I being a tad sarcastic?


Always an insult :rofl:

They are a million miles from being a Premier league team. They should be too good for this league, granted.


You must be watching a different game.


Here we go :joy::joy::sleeping:


No wonder they were so delighted at getting a point, playing both Walsall and Wrexham.:grin: