Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


Should of headed to byline then pulled it back


At least they’ll get a train in Wrexham.


To be fair the through ball was on, but the execution was really poor.


Almost two minutes on Sky.


A word for Liam Kinsella, who had a terrific game today, my man of the match. He’s really improved since last season.


He was fantastic, absolutely relentless.


Totally agree getting better all the time would be a real shame if he looses his place to Osborne


Wow, they even went so far as to show OUR goals as well!
Everyone will have to wipe the dribble off their screens when Quest show how dreadful it was that a 1st Division team dared to go 2 goals up against the mighty machems!


They will just say how great Sunderland were for coming back and how they deserve to be at a higher level


Generally they go on league position when showing highlights so will be second on after Pompey at about 10.02pm. And yes a game with sending off and four goals will get a decent amount of coverage.


Lads put a100% in today and with the chances we had and the disallowed goal should have won the game.look so much better with our little terrier kinsella in the centre of the park . Best player on the pitch today UTS


Thoroughly enjoyable football match. Would have snapped your hand off for 2-2 at ten past three.

We were just naive with the ball at 2-0 with twenty to go. Ginnelly effectively nullifying his wonderstrike by basically playing a back pass to their ‘keeper in the 89th minute.

But that shouldn’t take away from the performance which was magnificent on the whole. Kinsella. - wow!!

The amount of late goals we concede is a worry. We just get very panicky. I’m sure Dean will sort it out.

And finally Andy Cook. Now looking at ease at this level. Robbed of a perfectly good goal today by officials who were shocking. Their lot were onto the ref for the sending off which looked marginal to be fair. But we had a good goal ruled out, the ball was clearly out in the build up to their second and what on Earth was the ref doing not playing an advantage when Devlin was bursting into their box? Shocking.


How on earth did Dobson not score that chance? Still ■■■■■■ off at that.


Dobson fell over however I thought after the first 20 minutes we were excellent today except for being really naive when leading 2-0.kinsella outstanding along with Devlin,Cook and Ginnelly. Shame the latter gave the ball away which enabled them to build up and score the second. anyway a great game…onwards and upwards. UTS


He shouldn’t have fell over though, and given the contact he got on the ball he should be scoring. It’s an open goal.


Interesting that Keates came on the radio to have a go at the players calling them naive and claiming poor game management

As saddler hq makes the point above, there were a few around us questioning keates in game management when you go two up against ten men and do nothing to close it up.

There may be a little bit of blame deflection going on here as we now go to one win in seven in the league with Coventry, Portsmouth and Peterborough coming up

Didn’t rate Whitney but keates is well past honeymoon stage and Whitney would have been slated for how keates has handled that today

We got some luck with the sending off

They got some luck in that we had naive management that failed to capitalise


Sky highlights for overseas viewers


I think a problem is DK is a little too in love with 4-4-2. Not saying the formation hasn’t had some good results this season and it’s a better system for Cook than upfront on its own but he needs to tweak things more.

There was a caller on WM who made a really good point. Said at 2-1 Sunderland constantly attacked down Devlin’s side with McGeady down that side. With Ginnelly on the attack there was no one to help him out when Sunderland were attacking

This is not to have a go at Devlin as he gets enough flak on the other thread, just to say perhaps if Osborne had been on one of him or Kinsella could’ve drifted out to that side and doubled up on McGeady and maybe then the cross would’ve been cut out before getting to Gooch.


Yeah it’s the managers fault the players didn’t know to keep it tight and retain possession 1 goal up against the best side in the division :roll_eyes:

Sometimes you have to look at the team.


Pity it didn’t include our first goal that was disallowed for offside. Would be good to see that again as I’m sure it was onside