Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


People were on him after the Chartlon and Burton games for going away from the 4-4-2!!!


Can’t believe the negativity around here to be honest.

Yeah we should have held on. A few weeks ago people were talking about this game as if we were going up against Real Madrid and had no chance. It’s a good point.


Agree - an excellent game of football I felt. The first goal was a great move and Ginnelly’s a goal of the season contender. Cook I thought was outstanding - he’s acclimatised now and is a handful for any team. Shame we conceded two poor goals though.


Whoever one of those lovely gentlemen were should get a medal.


I’d fancy us against Real Madrid at the moment.:rofl:


Are there any pics of the reunion team anywhere?


People need to get real. It was a cracking game and we played very well but we lack experience and it told against a team packed with players with experience in both the Premier League and Championship. After his recent performances I would not have brought Osbourne on and this time I thought Dean was right not to change it.


They also had some luck that we had a good goal disallowed.


I’d have been happy with a point before the game, and I’m glad we got one.


Having a very poor goalkeeper is costing us points on a regular basis. A half-decent keeper would have kept a clean sheet today.

I am sure that Keates will sign a goalkeeper on loan once the January window opens, we just have to hope that Roberts does not put us too near to the relegation zone by then.


What a load of rubbish Roberts has been one of the plus points this season and made some outstanding saves




Eh? :open_mouth:


Oh no. We’ve got another one.


Not shown on Quest either.


One of them is my son…:grinning:


I would give Roberts a new 3 year contract ASAP he’s coming on leaps and bounds and sure he will be a very good keeper for us


Is that you being sarcastic? Not sure?


Roberts was a bit slow going down for the first I thought. Maybe his view was obstructed.

Kept the team up last year when you think of his last minute save at Oldham and some other outstanding ones in the run in. Easily the biggest plus point of the last 12 months.


Sunderland playing budget £35 million

Walsall £1.25 million

No complaints