Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


Saracastic about what? Some great points


Which lad was u on about ?


The tall handsome one.


Great atmosphere. Obviously at 2-0 up and a man up you expect to go and win, but I’d have taken a draw at the start. Before Power got sent off they were all over us.

I thought Kinsella had a good game and gives us something extra… but again we look weak when attacked down the flanks. Leahy and Devlin are good going forwards, but always look vulnerable. Would rather see Fitzwater playing even if he is going back in Jan, and Martin slotting in at fullback.

I thought it was the best game Ive seen Josh Gordon have for us. Obviously a fantastic strike from Ginnelly as well - but he still frustrates me with his inconsistent delivery.

They have probably 20 times the budget we do, so at the end of the day you have to be happy with a point and an exciting game I guess.


Roberts is a great shot stopper. Needs to work on being a bit more commanding in his area perhaps, but he’s one of our better players… definitely not an area of weakness,


If Walsall win in the cup next week, I would love to see the club use the prize money to tie up Roberts and Kinsella in longer term deals.


Well sorry, but I’m really disappointed. I have watched those goals several times and my view is the same as it was during the game, awful defending and not great goalkeeping.

However, after the first 20 mins I would have taken it, however with 25 mins left, 10 men and 2 up it feels like points thrown away.

I think kinsella was outstanding and my MOM, both he and Dobba will learn more in this game than any other game in their career - hopefully so will DK who 8 think failed to react in game.

Morris needs to do better when defending and we need to speed up our reaction times in terms of movements and second ball, we need to start learning as we kee making the same mistakes and panicking late on in the game


thought the same tbh the 2 goals we conceded where bad defending too slow reacting for me.


Presumably the younger one!??
Thought he spoke really well.


When you look back over the season a draw will look like a good result. A point that many other teams will not get in the same fixture but yes 2 points dropped in the context of the game given our position.

Many good performances so overall happy and positive.

Thought cook was good and showed what he brings with the knock downs.

My man of the match goes to Kinsella.

Fun moment singing your not going home when announced all trains cancelled.

Good atmosphere, fun afternoon which is what it’s all about, bring on Pompey.

We’re obviously seen as the next Barca the way equalisers are celebrated by away fans this season.


Well maybe they’re going to give the Defence a bit of a break now then …:rofl:


The good looking one hull…:grinning:…The blonde headed one.




Was gutted to draw to Sunderland and leave the ground feeling like we’d lost but looking back now any point against Sunderland however the circumstances has to be seen as a point gained.

My only concern now is we’re making a little bit of a habit of dropping two goal leads and that’ll be in the young lads heads when we next go two up.


The highlights suggest we should have won comfortably, had we converted some excellent chances. However, we will know next week how we shape up to the Northeast’s Real Madrid if we play them with 11 men over 90 minutes. I think it could be a close and entertaining contest: we will want “revenge” for 2 stolen points and progress in the cup; they will feel they might have (!) won with 11 men and won’t have taken kindly to losing two points to l’ill ole Walsall :laughing:


Yes looking forward to our reunion against the black cats next week . Has all the ingredients for a great cup tie now . A big chance for Deano to show what he’s learnt from yesterday’s game and come up with a game plan to get us into round 3 . Can’t wait :grinning: UTS .


Now I’ve had the chance to rationally look back at the game …

First 20 minutes we were getting pummelled.
After the sending off we pretty much dominated the rest of the first half. Dobson should have scored an open goal and Cook had a legitimate goal disallowed for offside. If one of those had gone in then I think we’d have won the game.

After half time we came out like savage animals. Both the goals were pure quality. Devlin was through with a square pass to Cook in the 6 yard box and the ref pulls it back for an advantage. An absolutely baffling decision which surely would have ended with Cook tapping it into an empty net?!

After that we dropped too deep and let them come at us. We need to stop aimlessly hoofing it learn to control a game. To lose from being 2-0 against 10 men isn’t acceptable. I don’t care what anyone says about the opposition, they are in league 1 for a reason. This isn’t a Man City or a Liverpool. They aren’t full of world class players. We were naive. Very naive. It seems like we just don’t know how to stem the flow when teams apply pressure apart from hoofing it back to them. We need to learn from this game because for every negative there were many positives. I thought we played very well in stages and there were some outstanding individual performances. Devlin, Kinsella, Ginnelly, Martin and Cook were brilliant. I thought Flash had his best game in a Walsall shirt too. The rest of them were solid enough. It’s just decision making we need to work on.

I genuinely believe the lads will learn a lot from yesterday.


I’m genuinely shocked by some of the negativity on here. I thought it was a great game. They are clearly a class above us and being pummelled early on was to be expected. The pleasing thing was, we kept them at bay. After the sending off, we used the ball really well and scored two great goals. The reasons for the comeback were down to 3 players in the end;

  1. Morris - I thought Ismail was having a poor game but Morris took it to a whole new level. No threat going forward and, whereas in the past he has been excellent at working hard, tracking back and getting the odd tackle in, he certainly didn’t do it yesterday. I get a little fed up of people saying Devlin can’t defend when it’s the job of BOTH players on the right to back each other up and defend and Devlin is stuck with either Ismail or Morris doing very little.

  2. Ferrier coming on for Gordan - one player worked tirelessly in support of his teammates, made great runs, was unselfish in his efforts and put in a great performance. The other was selfish, decided to try and beat 2 men in the box rather than passing sideways to an unmarked Ginnelly who could well have made it 3-1 and then, to cap it all, the moment the final whistle went, disappeared straight down the tunnel without the slightest glance or word for his teammates. Guess which is which! There’s something badly wrong there and it needs sorting.

  3. Ginnelly - the goal he scored was incredible, his general performance was excellent, but I think he provided the key turning point. At 1-0, the Sunderland heads went down. At 2-0, they might well have thrown in the towel for the day…if Ginnelly hadn’t gone racing over to the Sunderland fans to taunt them in celebration. It wound up the fans but, even more important, it wound up the Sunderland players. What we needed right then was 10-15 minutes of nothing happening, no incidents, no nastiness and just shutting the game down. Ginnelly’s actions instead led to 5-10 minutes of feisty challenges, off the ball incidents and words exchanged and, ultimately, a goal for Sunderland and a belief amongst them that they could get another.


Completely agree. Was typing something very similar on the “bottle jobs” thread. These three shouldn’t have all been on the pitch when trying to hold a lead against ten men.


Only one part of that post I disagree with. You don’t have to be world class to still be levels above us. You are right they are in our league for a reason. Those players were not good enough for the championship last season.

But you then put that team in our division and give them a disproportionate windfall it created a massive unfair gulf. Aiden McGeady might not be world class but it wasn’t that long ago he was playing in Europe and has nearly a hundred international caps. There’s no way a team in our league should be able to afford that level of quality.

If they’d blown that lead against Bristol Rovers with ten men, like we did last season for example, I’d be absolutely furious. In this case it’s more dissapointment but on the whole satisfaction with the final score.