Sunderland (H) F.A. Cup 2nd round, 1st Dec 3pm


The other bloke seemed to be doing okay but could not resist a dig: " Banks’s stadium is no Etihad" because his team isn’t winning anymore.

Putting the pressure on them now…come on me babbies


Sunderland substitution, 61 min


Just over 3,000 in attendance, with just under a 1,000 away.

The magic of the FA Cup is dead and buried, but at least our players are going for it.


Cook header hits the bar, 64 min …


No, apparently I’m Ancient, and so’s my wife!
Could be that the old bugga may no longer be with us, didn’t he have a heart attack last year? However, Tinned swore he saw him at the Rochdale match.
All utterly irrelevant, we have scored against the untouchables, come on lads get that second, send 'em all home with their tails between their legs!


Whey Hey! :grinning:


If it’s still level at 90 minutes it seems that it goes straight to a replay, with both teams being “in the hat” for the 3rd round draw. There was no extra-time or penalties at Solihull last night.

Sunderland’s 2nd substitute, 74 min

BBC are reporting the attendance as a pitiful 3,140 !!!


That’s a shocking attendance figure, if there are 1,000 from Sunderland that puts us as 2K! Can no longer rely on the faithful 3K even when Sunderland are in town.
Good to see the Cookie monster seems to be having a good game, and we appear to be ‘going for it’ in the last few minutes.


It will be back to 4,000 Saddlers next week I’m sure, but then the club don’t make it easy to attend these ‘glamour’ games. I’ll be glad when the Coventry game is over and we can get back to normal against the likes of Bristol Rovers, Scunthorpe and AFC Wimbledon.


Walsall substitution, 86 minutes … parking the bus? Hardly, with Ginnelly on for Ferrier!! (injury)


Afraid that’s typical for the FA cup. Charlton only have 3,200 today :frowning_face:


And they have lost!


As you’re so anxious to disociate yourself from him, I assume you found him as tedious , predictable and repetitive as everyone else did.


Full time, and a 1-1 draw. Good result after going a goal down.


Shame you didn’t add to it. Have a go at the attendance when you make a ■■■■■■■ effort


He certainly wasn’t obnoxious and argumentative all the time, like some on here tend to be.
Good draw, but would rather have won it today than have to play them at their place probably in front of 20K plus.


Thought we only drew cos they were down to ten?

Thought Cook, Devlin And Kinsella were outstanding.

Thought Osbourne was poor.

Johnson. If that game gets him more time fair play.


“They got a result. They got a replay.”

Said the co-commentator about



Genuinely shocked by that attendance. I was expecting at least 5K. Maybe playing them on consecutive Saturday’s didn’t help.


Osbourne seemed to do well - from listening to it.