Sunderland roll call


Back in the saddle then and the long trip to the North east.

Looking forward to this as Stadium of Light is great ground to watch football on although away fans this season put in upper tier which is closed for home fans, much better when it was behind the goal at the other end.

This must be the largest ground Walsall have played a league fixture on for quite some time aswell.

Plus 2 anyway.


The Jeff Bonser appreciation society are sending a coach…nobody booked on it yet…early days though …:crazy_face:


Bonser has said he’s not looking to fill it but is open to the idea that someone may want to get on, if they have his best interests at heart😂


I’ve heard that if you don’t like it they’ll drop you off at Bournemouth, Luton, or Rotherham instead. And why shouldn’t they?


Free scarf? :rofl:


Apparently the coach has been cancelled and a push bike has now been made available instead …


There you go again over estimating, it’s actually a monocycle :grin:


Exaggerating actually …:wink:


Gateshead airbnb for Friday & Saturday booked so I shall be going.
I have read that it is better to walk into the centre of Sunderland to catch the metro north rather than trying to get on after the game at one of the stops near the ground. Perhaps someone knows? @geordiesaddler ?


Went to watch Sunderland-Arsenal a few years back. Stayed until final whistle and then walked to I think St Peters metro stop and got on first one that turned up. Was a capacity crowd aswell which won’t be the case on Saturday.


10.15 train from Huddersfield to Newcastle arriving 12.08, lunch and a pint or two with the UTS-er formerly known as Moaning Saddler (hk pete’s brother, NOT AM), then metro to St Peters. 6.15 train back to Hudds so time for more liquid refreshment and maybe one at the King’s Head on Hudds station before my bus home. Will be a perfect day out unless spoiled by the football!


Myself, mate and our respective offspring. Stopping in Newcastle on the Saturday night.

I don’t intend the result to affect the night oot on the toon :wink:


Five of us going up Friday afternoon. Staying in Gateshead. Few quieter beers on Friday night and a visit to the local Indian and then all Saturday on the beers and off to Newcastle Saturday night. Drive back with sore heads on Sunday.


Leaving Wellingborough at 7am and driving to Bescot to get the coach at 8.45…


Depends whereabouts in Gateshead you’re staying. There’s also a train to Newcastle from Sunderland station at half five which you can use your metro ticket on if you’ve got a day saver.


3 going from near Mansfield. Driving there, anyone got reccomendations on best places to park nearby? Apparently no street parking, as it resident permits only


Me plus lad.

First trip here since the days of Roker Park.


You’re a Walsall fan.

First rule: don’t let the football spoil a day out at the football.

Have a great day - see you there :+1::+1:


Me plus the boy too - I went when we played them in the championship
■■■■ game but fun weekend !


2 flying in from N. Ireland and staying in Durham