Sunderland roll call


Me plus a car full travelling up on the day


There’s a park and ride from Sunderland Enterprise Park which is off Wessington Way (the road to Sunderland off the a19). If you get there early enough there’s a decent car park at SOL metro station which I think costs about a fiver.

Anyone going by train/metro from Newcastle and fancies meeting up for a pint. I’m hoping to be finished work in time to grab a couple in Centurian at Central Station about mid-day, ahead of getting the train to Sunderland. Then going to the Wetherspoons near Sunderland station followed by the Colliery Tav over the road from the ground.


Don’t worry PT, as a Saddler I’ve learned to manage my expectations!


I’ve assumed we can pay on the day.

Anyone have definite confirmation that this is an option?


Nothing on the official site which is odd, but it does say tickets available until midday tomorrow if that’s an option for you!


…said nobody ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I posted elsewhere about the ambiguity of away pay on the days. The club makes a few hundred quid by way of admin fees by selling away tickets so it seems a deliberate ploy to me.

The away end holds around 3,000 and I see they allowed Barnsley to pay on day so I’m going to travel but it would be nice if our club could just be straight with us.


Phone Sunderland ticket office,surley they can’t be as disorganised as ours,CAN THEY?


Ha ha they do this for every away game, cretins!


I’m hoping to be parked up at the hotel by the Tyne Bridge just after 12. Is the train or metro the best bet to get to the stadium?


I was planning on doing the same until I read (on here?) that they need to purchase tickets for Saturday to qualify for tickets at Wembley. I panicked that they might restrict the number of away fans in order to pack more of their lot in and I’d be left standing at the turnstiles, so I purchased on Tuesday.


That doesn’t appear to be true - if they’ve already sold out of Wembley tickets it won’t matter if they come to the game or not. Of course it was never an issue anyway - they’re only coming to see the Saddlers!! :grin:


Why don’t they ever advertise away ticket sales then? Never anything on social media to try and get a good away following.

Anyway it should be pay on the day as the upper tier we are in is not open to home fans unless they sell out the lower tier which holds 35000. At latest count they have 32883 home sales.

Handy link here:


Definitely. Just walk up the bank (which is a bit of a pain), you asked about real ale bars, the Crown Posada which you’ll see on your left is a good bet, quite atmospheric. Bear left up “Side” (the cobbly street), until you get to Tup Tup’s, then up to the main road where the Cathedral will be on your right and head left down the main road to central station. There’s loads of bars and eateries on the Quayside where your staying, and plenty more around Central station. Centurian bar is accessible from the street or the station platform and is a bit pricey but being situated in the old first class waiting room is very well appointed. The Forth Hotel on Pink lane across the road from the station up a side street to the left of the Vic and Comet is a favourite of mine, and the Vic and Comet itself is a “Get Carter” location

At Central you’ve got the choice of metro which is well signposted and underground at this point, or the local pacer rattler from the main station. If you purchase a daysaver from the metro concourse you can use this on either the metro or the train all day. Metro is probably best, you want the South Hylton train from platform 1. If your just drinking round Newcastle and going straight to the ground get off at either Stadium of Light or St Peters, Sunderland centre is the next stop after that. Not many bars round the ground, but the Colliery Tav despite looking very rough and ready is dead friendly, no real ale though!

Personally I’m aiming for the train to Sunderland centre at 12.40 as there’s a Wetherspoons near Sunderland station where I can get my son fed after he’s helped me at work Saturday morning. Again, doesn’t look great from the outside but very friendly, as indeed all Sunderland pubs are apart from when they play Newcastle!


Cheers Geordie. Any gems to look out for for Saturday night (after we’ve offloaded the kids in the hotel room)?


Metro, every 12 minutes from Newcastle central station (or Haymarket if you want to quench your thirst). Takes around 20 minutes.

Don’t think there’s that many trains that actually serve Sunderland from Newcastle.


Just by the Tyne Bridge, Crown Posada, or The Bridge Tavern (Newcastle Arms written on side) which has its own micro-brewery. Bridge Hotel is one you’d probably appreciate, real old fashioned boozer although its a bit more difficult to get to, just next to the High Level Bridge at the top of castle stairs, or if you’re heading back to the quayside from Central, take the right down Westgate Road, under the arch and you’ll see it perched over-looking the quayside/castle.


Looking forward to my first visit to the stadium of light, especially after watching the documentary a few months ago. Driving as need to be back here for an early start sunday morning. Can’t see anything other than a defeat but hoping we can give a good account of ourselves. This could be the weekend we drop into the bottom 4 :disappointed_relieved:


I rang Sunderland. I was told to go to turnstile 71 and it is £20 cash to get in for away supporters. If you want to pay by card you have to go to the ticket office. Concessuons have to go to the ticket office.


Thanks for the park and ride details? Is this the best option if driving? Also read somewhere about parking at an industrial estate on Wayferer Road?