Sunderland roll call


Park and ride is the most “risk free”, as if you get involved round the ground/metro you might not get sorted, but depends what time you’re arriving. Buses from the enterprise park are every couple of minutes from 1.30, Wessington Way is signposted A1231 from the A19.


Someone has said on here before that the club get a fee if we purchase an away ticket through our ticket office - WFC dont get anything if you pay on the day. Hence the lack of advertisement.


WFC gets 5% of the ticket price less VAT for all away tickets sold. They get nothing from pay on the gate away from home. So if an away ticket for £22 is sold by WFC they get 5% of £20 which is £1


So for an average away following of 300, if 150 purchase in advance x 23 games that’s nearly 4 days worth of rent! Well worth the effort of keeping fans who are trying to travel all over the country in all weathers to support their team in the dark.


Spot on. For those of us for whom “nipping down to the ground” would represent significant travel, the “pay on the day” ambiguity the club peddles is a pain. You kind of know that there will be a pay on the day option unless it is say a Shrewsbury but you do have this nagging doubt that you’re about to embark on an epic journey that might end up in not being able to get in.

In the scheme of things it is pennies that the club would lose out on by being just a bit more open. But as one wise sage once said “look after the pennies and the rent will look after itself” - or something similar.


Three of us going from Ripley, Derbyshire - myself and my two eldest.
Looking forward to this one despite my increasing disillusionment with the club.
Our first game since Boxing Day and praying for a better performance than that and our last four away days (Fleetwood last season, the farce that was Coventry the season before, Barnsley in the playoffs, Wembley). Apologies if we’ve jinxed it again.
I’ve lurked on here for 20+ years and finally got around to posting. Up the Saddlers.


Welcome to the madhouse Ripley.


Respect to everyone who is going tomorrow :+1: i hope you are all rewarded with a phenominol display then come on here tomorrow night and do a bit of gloating :wink:


Stay at home Ripleysaddler


Welcome Ripley. Looked at living there myself when I first ventured up to Derbyshire. I ended up near Alfreton and now Chesterfield. Along with @derbysaddler that’s 3 of us.


Just down the road Kilburn way from Ripley.


Foul morning up here in Glorious Gateshead at the moment - a mixture of wet snow, rain and wind. Hope it improves later.


according to the Beeb it’s going to be wet and very windy for the match. Gusty winds at up to 43 mph


Yes a shocking day weather wise. I do hope Sunderland arn’t going to blame the conditions when we beat them.


Why don’t you all get together and start a Derbyshire WFC cell,or a wife swapping ring or something…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:


Thanks for the recommendation, worked well today :+1:


Sorry @enniskillen. At least it wasn’t an abject performance this time…


Who’d have thought Derbyshire would be so teeming with Saddlers? There’s more of us here than in several areas of Walsall :smiley:.


Was a bit breezy (gentle breeze compared to what you get at Stoke and Oldham) but thought the conditions were pretty good for most of the day compared to the apocalypse that was supposed to be hitting there (and seemed to hit Burnley instead like most weeks).

Frustratingly I lost my + 1 even before I got on the first train as due to a tree on the line at Tamworth she obviously assumed there was no chance of getting up to the North East. Got into Newcastle on time at 12.50.

That’s women for ya…:roll_eyes:


What’s all this, I’m just down the M1 a junction in Sutton in Ashfield - seen a couple of other saddlers locally too, one in my local chippy once!