Taking Advantage

We have found ourselves in a strong position for a play off push, having 11 home games and only 8 away left. At last a season with something to play for. Hope we can take advantage of the remaining fixtures

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Based on previous seasons we need about 42 points from the 60 up for grabs, i feel it may be a step to far but I’d be happy with a top 10 finish.


When put like that it is clearly going to be difficult but not impossible. Our away form certainly needs to improve.

We’re 16th. That’s a lot of teams to hurdle.

Need top two form.

I don’t think we’re that good.

Hope to be proven wrong because recent seasons have faded into obscurity from here.

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Our form needs to be exquisite from here on in. As left ng as it doesn’t tail off as previous seasons and we bridge that large gap that has existed at the end of the last four seasons then that will stand us in good stead for the summer.

We’re 16th, I don’t think we’re In a great position at all.

So many teams above us with the same opportunity.

Next month will tell us if we can do it as we play alot of teams around us, then March we play alot of struggling teams.

No reason we can’t do it, especially with our very good home form.


There’s no doubt we’ve picked up and we’ve had a good run of results (Stockport aside) but I think we will have to be patient this year and hopefully the improvements will take us into next season better prepared for a real push to finally get us out of this league. I hope I’m wrong and we absolutely fly from here until the end of the season but I’m not sure we’re quite ready for that just yet.


We are 14th in the table for home form this season, although we have played fewer games than some of the others. We are also 14th best for points picked up in away games.
We are 15th overall.
February has us going on trips to Gillingham, Crawley and Harrogate, all above us currently, and also we face Mansfield at home.
I can’t see it, but I am hopefully wrong which will mean an exciting end to the season.

We’re 15th not 16th. Don’t put us any lower!!

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A lot depends on how we use the 1 or 2 games in hand we have over some of the teams above. Get 6 points and we are still sniffing around the edge of the play offs. Anything less and I think there will be do big a gap to bridge.

If we Faal can continue his form and gels with DJ we should have enough firepower but if it takes time for him to bed in then it will be too late

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We need something like a

P20 W12 D6 L2


P20 W13 D3 L4

to make it.

Wouldn’t hold your breath.

The club should be concentrating upon exetending contracts, filling the odd gap and thinking about how the early bird season ticket and membership schemes will look.

If we win five of our next six I might start getting excited.


3 home games in hand over a few teams, 3 points off 6th and have only conceded 9 goals at home, only bettered by Mansfield.

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Realistically I would say we need a minimum of 10 points from our next 5 winnable games to get some momentum going before we face Mansfield at home on the 17th of feb

Saturday was an opportunity to have taken 3 points off Accrington, regrettably we will now have to play this on a Tuesday night, and we all know how good we are on Tuesday night fixtures!
Think the loss at Stockport and now probably not getting all 3 points off Accy will make reaching the play off’s just that bit too far. As someone above so rightly put, the situation depends on those above us failing to pick up points, and that doesn’t happen, we have become wedged in that mid table stumbling block again. Unless we can do a Barnsley with ‘our’ loans, being able to win so many games in the latter part of our season will indeed probably be a bridge too far.

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So losing to the best side in the division and getting a game called off, with 20 games still to play, means it’s over?


Thank god Mat and the boys won’t have the same attitude. As Mats favourite band Maroon 5 once famously sang 'it ain’t over ‘till the change has run out on the payphone.’

Certainly hope not, but, if we are to be realistic, and not live in a land of make believe, we are no longer in a strong position to make a hit at the play off’s, with new loans making up our attack they will need time to ‘bed in’, this won’t happen over night. Would love us to make a ‘go’ of things, lets hope we can make those 20 remaining games count.

Got to win games in hand. And time and again that proves very difficult on a cold, drab Tuesday night in front of a small attendance.

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