Taylor Allen signs

Probably that potential signing. And if he can fill a few positions, it’s even better. Good luck, but to be honest, I don’t expect many mins from him.

And a couple of goalkeepers :wink:

Evans looks to be all but signed, then just a young backup for competition

It does look like Evans is a done deal. I want someone genuinely challenging for that position as well though.

You dow need much talent to get out of division 4, a good squad with a bit of depth, difficult to beat, team spirit and a dash of tactics and we’ll gew up.

Just need to add a bit of class goong forward.

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Extremely versatile by the sounds of it!

Are the signings ones to get you off your seat? No. Will every signing work? No.

I do trust in Flynn though as he has proven he knows how to build a capable squad.

Welcome Taylor.

This one’s a very strange and somewhat disappointing signing.
Cannot see him playing

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Feels a bit of a zak mills type signing - 1 yr deal and back up for 1 or 2 positions, but we are just covering positions with him it appears so guess we just need to have faith in Flynn’s decisions and building of the squad.


I think you’ll find that once he’s been weaned off vegan stuff and he’s had a few steaks, sausages and proper burgers, he’ll be fine.


Difficult to call any of it until we see how they line up and shape up.

I’ve seen us promoted with a far more raggedy bunch of waifs and strays. I’ve seen us relegated with what looked like a set of very accomplished pros.

The most under achieving groups have been those where individual egos assume talent above their station and above a team ethic. The most over achieving groups the opposite.

I trust Flynn far more than Fullerton when it comes to finding the right fibre.


I believe being solid Competition for places and everybody knowing there jobs as well as the team spirit that creates takes you long way in this division we are in . Which MF is obviously looking to do which is great . I just hope that the last 2or3 attacking players that we obviously need have a good pedigree and are proven or if they are loans are highly rated by there clubs like rushworth and we do have the advantage of offering any promising kids regular 1st team starts.

Very very very underwhelmed… surely we could give our youth players more game time than signing players like this

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These Americans must really be putting some cash into the wage budget :flushed:




Yeah wwas hoping when he’d signed he’d been one of those who featured 20 or so times in their promotion but deemed not good enough to get a deal for league 1.

Earing wasn’t that bad last season so hopefully he can make a similar impact as season goes on is best I can say for this signing given his limited league experience.

All pretty underwhelming so far with transfers tbh. Mind you I was full of praise for last summer’s dealings so sometimes it’s not the most obvious transfers that get the team up the league table.

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Yeah I remember a lot of this being said under Clarke. My issue is I don’t see what system or shape we can possibly building for with 4 right backs, 5 defensive midfielders, 1 winger and no creative midfielders. And it was then, with a very experienced manager who “knew how to build sides so we should just trust”.

5 right backs if you count Kinsella :wink:

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Loyal rental

Complete nonsense, purely from the fact that you are counting players twice to illustrate your “point”.

What is the matter with people?

Flynn is bringing in his own players, several of whom can cover multiple positions, some of whom will generally be (hopefully useful and adequate) initial squad players, that have the potential to improve under his management. Our reserves are shit, so Flynn has the additional problem of dealing with that, plus the issue of 3 long term injuries. Its a monumantal rebuild in reality, and its clearly one that is going to require some serious wheeling and dealing to get adequate depth into our squad that can avoid things like 7 game losing streaks in the fourth division due to a few injuries and suspensions.

We’ve been as fragile, exposed, and generally crap and unentertaining as I can ever remember for years now.

Time for some resilliance, fortitude, and organisation - and see how far we get in a league where that done well can result in promotion.


It’s not all bad, we have signed some clear upgrades on those who have left. However everything now hinges on at least 3 good attacking players joining.