Taylor out?

Guys still rubbish and no better than Dutton or Clarke
Has proven nothing and hasn’t improved from his first games with us

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I’ve been patient with Taylor. I wanted it to work. But he has no clue.

The sad fact remains that since Dean Smith left us the best manager we have had in that subsequent period has been Jon Whitney. And he signed some better players than the dross we have now. 'Nuff said.


I don’t think we should distract ourselves with the current poor sod who has to try to piece together a competitive side. I like him and he’ll get there either with or without us.

We need to focus upstairs.


I’d honestly walk away if I were him.

Unless something dramatic happens in the rest of the transfer window.


I bet that the next meeting with fans has been pushed back even further until the next win

This -definitely this

Now’s the time to clear the ‘not fit for purpose’ board

Taylor is fit for purpose

Full focus on Fullarton. If this is the way the club works now he takes full responsibility for the state of this squad. Feel for Taylor.


I hope (if this downturn in events, form and morale) continues, the fan groups will request some sort of meeting, or explanation of what’s going on.

Again, I’m trying to be balanced and convince myself to wait until the end of the window… but I dunno, something isn’t right.

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I’d like to think you’re correct , but not so sure , it’s MT who picks the 11 on the pitch and presumably it’s him who decides the formation and tactics , and you would have hopefully thought he would have some input into any potential signings , he seems very reluctant or unable to change anything , the art of any form of management is to try and be proactive not reactive


Any actual evidence of that

He’s learning though right?

Sure, I’m as pissed off as you with some of the bizarre decisions recently. But we knew when he took the role he would be learning. As long as he does that…. Fine.

The major problem is he’s trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Full blame on Fullarton for me. Taylor needs help through better players, and a balanced squad.


Thanny I really don’t know , how many times would you personally have to do something or calculate something and it kept being shown up to be wrong before you did something about it or tried something different .
I’m really struggling to see the ’ identity’ .


Also agree that Fullerton’s role in all this needs to come under close scrutiny

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It’s January and no ones done an interview with Fullerton during the main reason we hired him- recruitment.
Put these questions to him and take the fire away from Taylor ,

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I’m not seeing a lot of evidence that he is.


Is it Taylor or Fullerton (or both) that insist on playing one up front? It is killing us and if he/they can’t see it then they are c*nts.


Sure he doesn’t want to play a clearly struggling Ward every week. But you can only select what you have.

The whole club is in a mess ,and until fans take action and let the club know how they feel, then it will just carry on taking money and supplying a poor service


Maybe, but he / they can change the formation

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