I’ve been going through some old programmes recently and come across quite a few from testimonial games. Just wondered if I’m missing any…

  1. Albert McPherson - Walsall XI v Star Select XI 1964
  2. Allan Baker - Walsall v Leicester City 1972
  3. Colin Harrison - Walsall v West Brom 1976
  4. Ian Paul - Walsall v Aston Villa 1981
  5. Brian Caswell - Walsall v West Brom 1983
  6. Kenny Mower - Walsall v Coventry City 1987
  7. Mark Rees - Walsall Old Stars v Wolves Old Stars 1989
  8. Kenny Hibbitt - Walsall v Wolves 1992
  9. Chris Marsh - Walsall v West Brom 1997
  10. Jimmy Walker - Walsall v Birmingham City 2003
  11. Ian Roper - Walsall v West Brom 2006
  12. Darren Wrack - Walsall v Wolves 2008

Either Nick Atthey or Stan Bennett had a game against Dirty Leeds in 1975.
I see Ian Paul on your list, did Don Penn have one?

Correct Jumbo


Thanks - looks like Don Penn did have a benefit match against Harrisons FC in Great Wyrley in 1984.

Wow!That must have brought a couple of bob in for him…literally,a couple of Bob…:grinning:


What was the deal with Kenny Hibbitt then? I know he was at Wolves from 1968 to 1984 or '85, but did he not have a testimonial there? I presume I knew at the time what it was about, but I’ve forgotten.

Not entirely sure on the back story…

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Not as a result of a testimonial match and I have posted this on another topic. In the programme for the first home game in August 1960 the Supporters club notes refer to cheques for £200 each as a result of the Testimonial fund being presented to Tony Richards, Albert Macpherson and Bill Gutteridge at the Stork Hotel at the celebration dinner in July. Worth about £4.5k in today’s money. Don’t think Tony or Bill had a testimonial match unless anyone knows different.

Peter Hart, Walsall v WBA 1990, the last match at Fellows Park

Didn’t we play a testimonial against Aston Villa at villa park for Allun Evans (villa centre back )
They just got promoted to div 1 (premier league now) and we had just been promoted to div 2 (championship now)
I can remember standing in the away end , sure it was billed as a pre season friendly but turned into a testimonial.
Think we lost 4-2 but I stand to be corrected



Think it was 10 years at the club and only Albert of those three did that. Poor show by the club especially for Tony in view of his record and only one year short so not just Wheldon and Bonser who were tight fisted. Although it could have been a league regulation.

I always thought that because the proceeds could be paid free of income tax, the Inland Revenue (or whatever they were called then) were very strict on who was allowed one. So it was ten years or forced out by injury/illness. I’m not sure though, someone else might know for definite.

I think all of that is correct.

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What a great Leeds team


It is, isn’t it. Imagine that happening these days. They don’t put teams like that out if you draw them in the cup.


And even then we couldnt be bothered to spell probably our most famous players name correctly.


Good spot. I hadn’t noticed either :+1:

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Think they had a European cup semi a few days later, which is wht Yorath walked off. after some “treatment” from Bernie.

Was the Mark “Psycho” Rees game the one that Ned Kelly came back for, and brought Liam Brady with him to don a Walsall shirt?

This was the first game my Dad took me to when I was 10 years old. Final score was a 3-3 draw