Thank you to our SLO

Just want to say thank you to Graham. I emailed him on Sunday morning with regards to the leaking ladies toilet. Within an hour I had a reply saying that he had reported it to the stadium manager as although it had been checked before, there was clearly a problem. Today I received an email to say both toilets have been re plumbed and that a leak had been found on the flush pipe. I replied tonight thanking him and immediately received a reply saying to report any further issues and thanking me for my support. I think that is excellent customer service to get things sorted so quickly and be checking and replying to emails ‘out of hours’. He gets a thumbs up from me.


Bet that made his eyes water.


I’ll second that.

On Saturday evening when I discovered that the ticket office had only given me my KL ticket and not one for Sutton, I e-mailed them. But, knowing they would not be back in the office until Monday, I also copied in Graham - and he replied within 10 minutes promising to chase up (Elizabeth from the ticket office responded to his mail yesterday morning to apologise and confirm my ticket will be available to collect from Sutton on the day of the game).

It’s obviously not just a 9-5 gig to him.


He was mingling again on Sat before the match chatting to fans in the stand behind the goal. Good to see him making himself available.


I’ve had reason to email Graham a couple of times too and always got back to me quickly. For years we always wanted someone who was a link between the fans and the board to get things done.


I’m still waiting for a response to my enquiry about what they were going to do with all the money @RobHarv3y raised for the club once they shat all over him. Guess they’d spent it gratefully. Can’t see him raising another penny for the club so the sermonising has cost them there.


They purchased a washer and a piece of plastic pipe for the ladies loo

I had a response from him saying that he had passed my e-mail on to “the club”. That was the last I heard of it .


I suppose it depends if he’s just treated it as feedback which they don’t need to reply to or asked them for a response to come back to you with.

I asked specific questions rather than just giving feedback.

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Then I’d chase up and ask what the problem is?

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Yes and hopefully it should now be working properly without leaks so that is all you can ask.

Fack ‘em. I lost a lot of respect for Pomlett over that issue.


I’m sorry but whenever I see this or something similar I just lose interest and drift onto something else. How many times has this been said in connection with something at Walsall. Fair play to anyone that still has the faith and patience to do this.

If they were interested in the real issues they would simply peruse forums - it hardly has to be raised multiple times.

I emailed the SLO twice - will never bother again.

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Probably on the Harvey List of undesirable fans.


Welcome to Leigh’s fundraising blacklist.


Classic Doddy…:grinning:

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Sorry, that’s not all you can ask, it’s the least you can ask.


It’s a sad indictment of how much the club have drilled us down that we now come to accept something so basic as being so good.


It is classic tactics mate, worked for centuries