That night in Bury

After all the talk about Bury I Found this out in the loft what a night 4th May 1995 seems like yesterday and I Got over the fence at the end of the game to hug the players lol


Yes a great night in Bury…I think it will be sometime before there is another…in Bury(of course) but I hope to won’t take us 5 years to get of this division.

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Yes, that was a great night. I’ll never forget that ball boy running on the pitch and catching the ball as Marshy had a break on. Or is my mind playing tricks with me?

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Your memory is fine :smiley:

That was the 0-0 in the boiling heat was it not?


Yep, there too. Managed that fence too as a sprightly 22 year old. Not too sure could do another climb out of a Hooligan pen now tho :sweat_smile:
Remember the ball boy too. Was a great night having also done Scarborough away two days earlier if I remember correctly.

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Drove up from Croydon and straight back after the game!

What a night - I remember getting there at about half past four in the afternoon and setting up in one of the two adjacent pubs near the ground. There was one single old guy serving - I don’t think he was aware of the 2000+ thirsty fans heading up the motorway just behind us! If I recall the fixture list had been against us and we had to play Saturday - Tuesday - Thursday. l’ll never forget that night - crammed into an old low roofed stand which just amplified the noise we were making - it was so loud, and everyone kept the noise up all the way through. Is my memory playing tricks or had a certain James Walker just been put into the first team following an injury to the regular keeper?

Great night out. Wacka making a save from a shot outside the box (free kick), the ball boy, the heat, car horns going after the match on the road back to the motorway. Then nervously watching the results on the Saturday after to check that somebody didn’t win by 14 goals and stop us going up on goal difference. Exactly a year later Bury were promoted.

Journey up made more eventful as my mates mini shed a front wheel on the M6 around Stafford on the way up. Retrieved the stray wheel from an adjacent farmers field and made it there and back with only 3 nuts on each wheel to get us going again. Great memories, and just what away days are all about. :joy:


If I remember correctly, Gigg Lane had a wooden terrace behind the goal in those days which helped create the noise.


Yes, a great night. I don’t remember much about the game but do remember climbing over the fence and onto the picture after the game.

I think Chesterfield needed to win by 11 goals or more on the Saturday to clinch automatic promotion. I was glued to teletext al Saturday afternoon checking their score as they were odds on to win that day. They lost in the end, I think 3-2.

Yes, we did play Scarborough on the Tuesday. I believe it was supposed to be on the Saturday but was rearranged possibly something to do with the bank holiday.


We had just over 3700 there that night.


Weren’t we housed in the home end that night?

Will never forget the ball boy catching the ball and Marshy giving him a rollicking :smiley:

Didn’t realise there was 3700 there the best nil nil draw ever.


A fabulous balmy evening. The greatest nil niler we’ve had in my memory.

That most recent home game too. The og winner in the 90th minute, wasn’t a bad or insignificant game for us in that season.

Thanks for those memories Bury FC.

Hope you come back with modesty and most importantly, a budget that marries with your attendances.

I have been to Bury about 4-5 times over the years, was it the night that we as fans wouldn’t change ends? and they had to get the police horses into the stands to get us to move? :see_no_evil:

Was allowed to leave Junior School early for the game (the headteacher was a Saddler). All a blur but remember Wayne Evans in the stands after the game. One of those nights that form your devotion as a young supporter. Do recall the ballboy on the pitch and one of those ‘he’s got no right to get to that’ saves from Jimmy Walker that defined his Walsall career.

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