The Belt and Braces Approach

The belt and braces approach we have adopted in recent games has been a big factor in our sensational and seemingly unstoppable recent form, no??

Our preparation seems to have been meticulous and with a young team of highly motivated and often talented players are carrying out their instructions from Sadler to the letter, no team currently seems able to live with us.


Or maybe some of the absences from the current Team aren’t actually as good as people make them out to be = up turn in results.

Could be as simple as that?


You mean the players who part of the last good run of form over xmas?


If you see this fellow in the Undercroft, don’t be shy.


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Harsh on Farquharson

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Absolute hogwash/hokum.

When you consider some of the colossal performances Captain Fantastic DD has put in since donning a Saddlers shirt and the immense promise The Priest has shown I just can’t subscribe to that point of view.


What does belt and braces even mean?

It means you keep your trousers on…


The use of two or more actions, double down on something to make it more secure, something like that anyway. Doesn’t really make much sense with our situation, but I have noticed KingCrod is running low on new material lately. I’m sure he will up his game for the run in though.


What’s that mean in football terms though?
I’m to modern for this lol

We’re probably not supposed to be taking this thread too seriously, but " belt and braces" can be a criticism of someone for being over-cautious and risk averse. So given we seem to be playing with less fear, it could be the opposite- that we improved by ditching belt and braces.

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Are you suggesting that we dispense with shorts as per Golden Gordon/Barnstonworth? :flushed:
I thought you had to get a free transfer away from Walsall for that sort of thing.

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The kids are playing superb at the mo but inevitably there will be a dip/defeat. DD was playing out of position (Left side of CB).
The natural balance and pacier Taylor Allen has worked lovely on the left of the 3.
DD (although he went on a few mad runs and scored a worldy) is most natural in the centre of the 3. He will have to wait his turn, mind, for Big Dave to drop his standards. Likewise for Farq.


I haven’t a clue as I think we are playing without fear … just the opposite to having a belt AND braces.

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We don’t want to hold anything back so feck the belt and braces approach get in to um from the get go that’s how we’ve been playing lately

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He wasn’t, he enjoys playing there.

“I would definitely say it is one of my strong attributes. I think it is why the gaffer plays me on the left side because he knows I can come inside and find the diagonal pass or a third-man runner over the back. I am also very comfortable on my left side.”

Hope I can bring something to this thread as I do know a bit about belt &braces .and Albert Thurston is renowned for his button-on suspenders .established 1820 .and I’m sure kingCrod wouldn’t be seen dead in an other


Haven’t seen anyone wear braces in ages

Hokum​:joy::joy: what a brilliant word and brilliant reply

Up there with balderdash.

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