The invisible man. Matt Sadler

Maybe he’s the solution to our striker funds. Terminate his contract.

Confirmed you are a troll, maybe a Dingle or Port Fail fan either way do us all a favour a and find a new forum to troll.


He’d be on the books anyway as a coach. I imagine he’s just registered as a player for emergencies rather than have to go out and sign someone on loan in a panic that are probably worse than he is.

In all honesty though, if we want to play out from the back then he’s probably our best passer of the ball out of all of the options at centre back


And u live in cloud cuckoo land Mr happy clapper

If we terminated his contract surely we would have to pay him what he would have earned anyway.
We’d be back to minus square one - not only would we be no better off, we’d also be a man short.

What’s he adding to anything

:joy::joy::joy: oh lordy

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I don’t know what he does behind the scenes and I’m not saying he’s an asset.
All I’m saying is that if we terminate his contract that will not free up any funds to finance a new striker, which was your proposal.

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Far better idea, terminate whatever contract Mole has, more than enough then to go and get someone who will be useful to the club


He was on the pitch working with the back four during the warm up on Saturday.

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Every club has coaches, why would we not have one?

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How dare we have coaches, sack them!


Yow’m absolutely off your box. I’ve seen some mad posters on here over the years, bring back Wendy Mumford.


I remember a quote from yourself a few weeks back saying your posts ‘bring a sense of realism’



Stop engaging with whoever it is. Read back over the many posts submitted by the account and you will quickly deduce you could write on the back of a postage stamp what they know about football and Walsall FC.


My posts a genuine question.

His contract was renewed because of dressing room spirit. Good person to have around etc etc. Yet we were told the players couldn’t be bothered at Hartlepool. Issue 1

Defence. Shaky. All over the place. Yet he’s our most senior defensive coach! Issue 2

And he’s a registered player yet to kick a ball or even be on the bench. Issue 3

Hence to ask what is he brining to the party would seem to be a perfectly reasonable question.

The problem is with this board. People don’t like the harsh questions to be asked

So given the above please explain what he brings to the party

I would personally bring him into the first team playing picture.

The final 3rd of last season he played week in and out when he probably needed a rest. I think he’s earned himself enough time and loyalty with the club to learn his trade being a coach. he knows the club inside out and with so many new faces at the club he’s very much needed.


On the bench today.


Reckon he’d be better off playing, as he sure doesn’t seem to be coaching the back line anything useful!