The Locker

Looks a bit sparse.

Where’s the red and anything related to Walsall FC?


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There’s a red fire extinguisher on the table if you look closely

School canteenesque


Aint gonna being in much revenue looking like that

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Wank. glad to see it open but that’s horrific

Promise for-filled
Wouldn’t go there for a wake

Looks like how I’d imagine American High school dinner halls


I’d hope they’re adding something to it.
If it’s not finished though, it’s a bit weird opening it up now.

Trying to see the beers on the pumps but the pictures not good enough. I assume they’ve just put the same as is upstairs in the Stadium Suite.

Looks like it has, erm, character.

Walsall FC does sports bar. Only at our club.

Let’s just hope that’s a work in progress, and they flesh it out with something. Anything.


Is that finished? Looks awful.

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Where’s the armchair’s and comfy lounge seats.


Had to read that twice :flushed:


Its obviously been styled on the Macclesfield model

Mean while there supporters enjoy


On the face of it that doesn’t look great , hopefully it’s not been fully fitted out , if it’s not finished it would have been sensible to wait, posters on here don’t need any free shots.

1888 Lounge

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Yes I agree it gonna look like the above when finished :weary:

Surely with American so charge we can do alot better than that?

Locker name makes sense now- like a prison canteen. Hopefully it’s a very much work in progress

F*** me you can see why it’s taken 18 months! :joy::joy::joy:

Artists impression:


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