The Mat Sadler special

Oh he will, if we are in the bottom 4 - he will be gone.

In fact, wouldn’t being in that position be exactly the opposite of what BB promised ?

If we are in the relegation zone I wouldn’t trust trivela would sack sadler
i have seen nothing to say sadler is under any kind of pressure , he seems rather content ignorant and safe
Trivela believe in long term failure so will be happy currently
We haven’t heard anything from trivela since the last statement months ago. Trivela communication is worse than pomlett and akin to end of term bonsor

Remember Trivela sacked Flynn when 15th place after 42 games with 51 points of the 2022-23 League Two season.Sadler added 4 points we finished 55 points in 16th place . What’s Trivela priority this season league status and position or risk that for a rookie manager who might turn we round in the future. big call

Reckon there’l be an update from BB at Christmas time/new year.

The only way you get a long term in football management is if you don’'t royally screw up the short term. BB will find out soon enough that if he continues to back a dud it will be his plums in the fire, even Bonser with all his self interested guille and arrogance couldn’t handle that. L’il Ben’s got no chance, even from thousands of miles away. American owners of English football clubs continue to be generally useless, and “Trivela” arnt bucking it.


Not sure about that. It’s not like Lge1 where bottom 4 is relegation. Only bottom 2 go down from L2

Agree Trivela should be doing more in terms of communication and transparency. Even if MS goes think they will appoint someone in a similar mould. If you read BBs letters it’s all about moving away from the manager dictating the direction of the team too much.

Which is fine if you have folks in position that have half a clue of how to run a football club.
This lot are so clueless, they chose to be mentored by people that had amply proven and even admitted to their own cluelessness. Its grade A in basketcaseism. Chuck in Sadler and the situation with the global absentee bloke and its A+.


Just after the Wrexham game thanking everyone for their support this year, plans with what will happen in the January window and another update on the Saddlers Club where it will be open at the end of January.

True, but you can’t even compare the consequences.

I know you don’t believe it will happen, I’m not sure I do but I believe it can, and is more of a possibility than you are willing to accept.

I don’t believe in all the long-term stuff you talk about regarding Sadler but even if there is something in that, not much good if we are in the National League is it?

I genuinely don’t want Sadler sacked and will get behind him and the team all I can, but he needs some results soon, this can’t be allowed to fester.

Very balanced. Excellent podcast.

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Trivella sacked Flynn with one eye on early bird season tickets. That’s the motivation.

Perhaps Trivela will come out and announce their new unique plan of incremental regression :grin:

I really don’t like the implication that supporting Walsall now comes with the additional condition of having to consider a long-term plan. That is not a supporters’ problem. We can only buy tickets for the next game or the current season; in other words, the short-term. That’s what hard earned cash is going on.


It is something that can be a factor, as long as supporters know what the plan is, and can see it being implemented and bearing fruit. Long term is beyond scope for season-to-season though, so needs explaining, reinforcing, and communicating.


Missed the Apple Podcast link at the top, so here it is for those who listen in via Apple - ‎Yellow Ribbon Podcast: Episode 23: A Mat Sadler special on Apple Podcasts

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Is there anything to say other than results are rubbish performances are rubbish and he’s not relatable to the fans.

Yeah you forgot to mention that he constantly sways from side to side as if he’s being interviewed on the deck of a ship and constant stretch of the neck muscles, I personally think he tries so hard to come across as confident and in control hence the mannerisms we see.

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Ah we have body language experts on here now too :+1:

Bit like being promised a decent salary increase by your boss when things improve .year on year you eventually realise it ain’t never gonna happen so you hand in your notice find better pasture’s .promises and a better future have to be seen to being delivered for the majority of people especially when its there hard earned money .Loyalty today I’m afraid is often abused .