The Official Summer Transfer Rumours Thread 2024 II

Genuine question, what do you expect from the club’s official channels? It’ll be rare for any teams to be talking about exact targets, it will all just be fairly vague and vanilla. There’s an hour long interview with Sadler on WM later, which hopefully has a further update.

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5 mins preview before the 6pm show

Apparently spent the whole week far side of training pitch holding a corner flag doing high kicks .

:sleeping: :sleeping:

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If it’s like that for a whole hour at least I’ll have something to cure my insomnia tonight. You’d imagine a question about DJ will arise so may be interesting if that crops up.

The Wombles signed Lewis Ward today - proven keeper at league 2. Getting a bit worried about the lack of transfer news from us - and what’s happening with DJ? - seems to have disappeared from the social media photos the clubs putting out.

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No way can I spend an hour listening to him someone Post 2 minutes highlights later …and I may watch that .

He’s trying to get 2 more strikers in, and other areas we are short in.


Says we are being patient with the two strikers, probably waiting for other teams to make signings of their own to free those players up.


Full interview

Seriously , wtf are you talking about :joy::joy:

That was what paint drying sounds like

God yeah. so boring

‘The build’
‘Everyone pulling in the same direction’

said about a million times. The positive though did confirm we want 2 forwards. Let’s hope they arrive soon

Sadler has a lot of ‘brummie’ confidence but I will give him his due (although a bit boring), he seems to have good rapport with players and staff.
He did speak well and the planning seems meticulous. Hope Trivela give him a few quid for ‘proper’ strikers.
Unfortunately for Sadler, the fans will always associate him with ‘failed’ regimes and seen as a ‘cheap’ option, when we were supposed to have ambitious new owners.
Hope Richard O Kelly guides him well to prevent the inevitable fan onslaught if we are 16th after 10 games.

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Ollie Watkins nearly signed…in 2014 according to Dean Smith on local news tonight!

Said a scout in Devon tipped him off about his potential and he had a season on loan at Weston Super Mare in 2014/15.

Imagine him and Bradshaw as a frontline in those times with Sawyers as number 10…


DM me rather than clogging up the thread :+1:


I wouldn’t say no goals in the team. However ultimately Josh came back and scored one goal in nearly 20 games so clearly the style here is just demanding he presses and wins fouls and there isn’t a great expectation on him to score otherwise he’d have done more of that between Feb-May last season.

DJ can do it…but he needs to be starting 25-30 games this season so would be quite a comeback to the crumbs he was fed last season in terms of playing minutes.

Matt will probably be the same as ever, odd decent cameo but injuries and ineffectiveness.

Larkin should be o.k, decent goal haul in half a season at Sutton who were a very poor team and he’ll have the same sort of responsibility here. Not sure if he takes penalties but that is a vacancy now with Hutch gone.

It is very hard to challenge for play offs in any league without at least one proven scorer, ideally two. We saw that in the DS years which needed a finisher like Bradshaw to finally get challenging for play offs under him (and 12/13 had Grigg’s breakthrough).

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Hope one is Faal.

Just looking at West Brom’s squad and they still have listed Josh Maja, Thomas-Asante, Dilke, Karlan Grant (back from a loan at Cardiff) and Tom Fellows who scored a couple after xmas and is a similar age to Faal so reality is he’s miles down the pecking order and I’m sure they’ll make another signing upfront in next month.

Guess the wait is seeing what league on interest there is in him but I’d like to think if he’s coming back to this division this club would be front of the queue rather than him end up at Crewe or Vale.


Oh the irony…!


Sadler good value as ever, speaks well and lots of sense.

Congratulations to Josh Gordon on his impending arrival too, fabulous news and Mrs KingCrod and I have raised a glass in celebration.