The Positives

Torquay away
Weymouth away if they get their act together
Possible local derbies v Solihull and Kiddy
Maybe Eastbourne away (weekend in Brighton)
Eventually York, Hereford, and Chester away.
Weekend in Newcastle (Gateshead/Blyth)
We might finally get to see us win some games, and maybe a league or cup (National League North/Northern Premier/FA Trophy or Vase)

Look on the bright side everyone!:rofl:


Halifax away as long as they don’t get promoted. I can go by bus and have a few pints. Even better if its in 2023 as I will qualify for my free bus pass. Result :smiley:

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I was thinking I’d have a load of new grounds to visit - but half the National League is ex-EFL unable to get back up, so it will be mostly revisits to stadium slightly more run down than last time. :roll_eyes:


Think how they feel!

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Never been hooters. Would the wife approve ?

Well I believe there are wives and even mothers who work there, so why wouldn’t she?


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One more positive is that this shows Jeff has definitely gone.

Say what you like about him, but he would have let his pension fund risk its’ league status! :joy:

I can’t think of any positives apart from a change is sometimes a good thing.

And it might well be a catalyst to rid the club of these money sucking parasites.

I want Chesterfield away but reckon we could well being swapping places :frowning:

Memories of the old Miners Club in Chesterfield we used to visit pre-match , back in the day.

Good points

I think There’d be an instant novelty value to being in that Division with good away followings and optimism we can bounce out of it

Reality is we’d probably scrape a top 10 budget, might make the play offs and if we didn’t bounce back … wouldn’t be back for many many many years - Wrexham style

Good news - it would accelerate change behind the scenes at Walsall - not happy folks lose their jobs but hopefully there would be a review

There are no positives to being relegated. I can immediately think of 6 teams in that league who are “bigger” than us, with far more spending power and potential. At most, 2 of those teams will be promoted this year, meaning we would start, at most, as 5th biggest team in that league. There would be no immediate bounce back. Indeed, we would be far more likely to spend years down there. Add in the fact that we attract other income to the stadium as a venue because we are a league team, and relegation would be very serious.


Kidderminster have some of the best pies in football!

Rushall and Hednesford away are something to look forward to.
We are so lucky that Pomlett, Mole, Gamble and of course our genius DOF Fullerton are giving us such fantastic opportunities

Not anymore:

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We’d get to play in the FA Trophy. :face_vomiting:

… and before too long, the FA Vase!!

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It’s great to hear Kidderminster Harriers have been brought down to our level…

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We should all be very grateful that we have a board with the talent, wherewithal, and ambition to make these dreams a reality!

Now I’ll, very politely, ask you to BACK OFF, and let them get on with it.

That’s it. There are zero positives to relegation then! :sob:

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