The Road to Bescot

I finally got permission from the club to stick this old video on youtube. It’s in 2 parts but hopefully will put the 2 parts together when I’ve worked it out.

The Road to Bescot Part 1

The Road to Bescot Part 2


Fantastic !

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Excellent Vids. Really enjoyed it and well worth a view :+1:

I’ve still got my copy of the actual video that the club sold all those years ago …and what an a annoying little ■■■■ Roy Whalley was back then and still is today.


Thank you Ken, I’ve not seen that before. Not sure I’ve seen that Gary Childs goal since the actual night he scored it.
I’m sure Stan Jones looked younger on that video than he did when I was watching him play years earlier. :grin:
Part one watched, part two for later.

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Thanks for uploading, brought back many happy memories.
If it weren’t for the crash with Terry Ramsden just imagine how far we could have gone with him ploughing his cash in, never knew at the time he was estimated to be worth 150 million, in fairness I was only a 11 year old kid who had no real understanding of the world and its politics, I just used to tag along with my uncle Pete and take in the whole match day experience.

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Oi! You’re too busy to watch it so wait until the summer break lol :wink:

I have a copy but haven’t watched it for ages. I even feature (well mainly the back of my head) as I was on the that pre-moving stadium tour of Fellows Park that got filmed.

Form a queue for autographs. :laughing:

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I have a copy too but no longer have a video player.Started watching it again and it is very good.

This renders my VHS copy worthless. There goes my pension.

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Thanks for this mate will watch this tonight used to have it years ago but it got lost.

Think i still have one up the loft lol can it be transferred onto DVD does anyone know?

Ive got a copy, I had my video transferred to DVD about 15 years ago. Im just waiting for the club to return it and I can run one off for you of you want?

Mine was transferred by some company in Scotland.

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That would be great mate thanks let me know.

We used to have a couple of those VHS/DVD (and HD) combos that you could get for a while during the transition period when both formats were still on sale together. Transferred a few things onto disk but didn’t do this one for some reason. I think my daughter may have “borrowed” one of them to copy her old Disney videos for the grandkids so will probably still be knocking around somewhere.

The point being that are ways to do it yourself. Have a look on eBay to see if anyone is flogging an old dual machine, copy over what you need, and then sell it on again to get your money back.

Look forward to watching that. I remember there is an interview with Colin “cannonball” Taylor, who comes across as a rather quiet, modest bloke. I feel privileged to have seen him score a few cracking goals. The one against Crystal Palace in the cup was very special, such a pity there is now recording of that.

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Thanks for the upload, looking forward to inflicting it on my family tonight.

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Just watched the 1st half.
Cor! That brought back some memories - we was really good at times wor we…


Cheers Ken
I’ll have a look later.
Should really be called “Road to Nowhere”


Or, pedantically, the Crescent to Bescot? :grin: