The View from the Other Side - Barrow - 16/08/22

I spoke with one of the people behind the Twitter account ‘Bluebirds of Holker Street’ ahead of Tuesday night’s fixture between Barrow and Walsall. Here’s what was discussed…

Q. Barrow are in their third consecutive season in the EFL now, since securing promotion from the National League. How has that time been for the club and it’s supporters?

A. It’s been a rollercoaster, but one with some flatter track. All the fans were so happy to be back in the football league after 48 years. It was a shame we couldn’t celebrate or able to be at the games. Evatt had done well but left on the eve of the new season.

We were better than relegation fodder but we clearly appointed the wrong guy in Cooper (in hindsight).

Now we are ready for this season, Wild, Temps, and the squad are all ready for this, favourites for relegation. I think we’ll upset a number of teams. Hopefully with regularity.

Q. There have been a few managers in the hot seat since you got back into the EFL (Dunn, Kelly, Jolley, Cooper, Brown, and now Wild) - has this been detrimental to the club, going through so many different changes, or has it always been through necessity?

A. Having 2 managers in this period would be unsettling, 5 is way too much for any club. This season feels different, there is a buzz around the club, internally and externally.

Q. Pete Wild came in as manager from Halifax over the summer, and you’ve had a good start to the 22/23 season so far - how much is this down to the new manager?

A. The new sporting director identified Wild as his number one target, he brought in Adam Temple. They have kept the players they believe can take us forward and got some decent players in. They are organised and ambitious and the squad seem to be all in for this. It’s all down to Wild, Temps and the squad.

Q. You’ve won 2 games out of 3 in League Two, and advanced into the Carabao Cup 2nd round - what is a realistic expectation for the club this season?

A. Making progress, surprising one or two as we go along, developing into a good team. Personally I would want to be as high as we could get. Top half and that covers a lot of finishing positions!

Q. Many Walsall fans were surprised to see Josh Gordon stay at EFL level before signing for Barrow. He collected more yellow cards than goals for us. How has he been for you guys over the past few seasons, and is he an integral part of how you set up?

A. Josh Gordon defends from the front and is full of energy, in the struggles we had he didn’t score many, but had a couple of crackers, Newport Home last year and 2 from 3 this season. In preseason he was getting into central space and that seems to be helping his chances. I fancy a goal from him again on Tuesday.

Q. Looking ahead to this fixture, who are the players in your squad that Walsall should be wary of?

A. All of them! Whitfield has hit the ground running, Farman, Gotts (talent), Harrison Neal and Foley (youth and legs) and Foley’s experience. Captain Canavan leading the defence and for the first time we have outfield subs who are first team players.

Q. Which Walsall player(s) do you fear the most, if any?

A. Walsall have starting the season well and have some decent players. I don’t fear any, it’s all about what we do.

Q. It should be a hotly contested fixture with both teams having something to prove after Walsall conceded in the 10th minute of added time to draw with Stevenage, and Barrow lost to Sutton United, with that in mind, how do you see this game going?

A. Indeed and we are upset as Rooney’s 96th min free kick from his own half was disallowed for being indirect! (Keeper touched the ball on the way in!)

I think it will be a hotly contested game, I feel Barrow are ready for a good defensive performance, and we create chances. With the home crowd it may be a good result, not that much in it….

Q. Score Prediction?

A. Heart says 4-0, Head says 3-1

Q. Finally, for any travelling Saddlers, where are the best places to park, and to also grab a bite to eat / drink?

A. Have a good day, we hope you enjoy yourselves, safe travels and leave with 0 points. I hope it’s good match.

Get in the ground early and enjoy a drink and some food.

Club say:-

Food & Drink
There is a brand new catering outlet inside the ground in the Holker Street End which serves a selection of hot and cold food, as well as hot and cold drinks.

This outlet is also fully-licenced to serve alcoholic drinks to away supporters so feel free to get in to the ground early and enjoy a pre-match pint of Carling, Madri or Carling Dark Fruits on draught.

Visiting supporters are more than welcome to join us in The Cross Bar which is close to Main Reception on Wilkie Road and serves a great range of pre-match drinks.

Away fans are also welcome in our Fan Zone.

Parking - none at the ground.

Families travelling may want to park on Cemetery Hill, huge wide road close to the ground and parking on each side. Some choose to get a meal at Asda just next to the ground, and I’ve seen a number park in Asda in the section just off Holker Street.

Have a friendly evening.

Q. Any Other Business - anything you want us to promote or mention to our readers?

A. I combine the account with positive mental health for all. We support @samaritans and @GiveUsAShout. Check them out online or via Twitter.

Many people up and down the country suffer from loneliness, and/or may be struggling with their own mental health. We never know what’s going on in someone’s mind. We truly believe in being kind to others, reach out and connect to people who may be alone or have a chat with friends/family. Hopefully share a laugh but many people love to hear from friends, family. Maybe talk about your club, a reason to talk about anything may make a difference to someone you may not even know is struggling. If you know anyone who is then consider letting them know about @GiveUsAShout, they can text 85258 24/7 and can receive support. Some people just don’t want to talk at some point when they are struggling, I don’t want any football fan to have no one to turn too! With the ‘shout’ service they can text and receive support, have someone support them, for those that maybe don’t want to talk to people they know or are ok talking to someone not connected to why they may not be feeling ok.

@samaritans is 24/7 and is a wonderful organisation. For anyone supporting Walsall and reading this, connect with those around you, you could make a positive difference to others. Share a smile, a chat. Try with a Barrow fan or 2 , I know you’ll get the same back. Let’s enjoy a competitive game, support with passion and all have hopes of a result.

Have a look on the @BluebirdsST website for online ‘Russ’s half time Raffle’. TICKETS are only a £1 and half the money raised goes to the winner, there have been some great cash pots and maybe the cash pot can be taken back to Walsall.

The account is ran anonymously, but the person I spoke with is a Barrow ST holder, a Bluebirds Supporters Trust member, and a proud Barrovian.

Thank you to ‘Bluebirds of Holker Street’ for their time, and please, if you are on Twitter give them a follow using the Twitter handle @OurBluebirdsFly.


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Striker with 5 goals this season but ok.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Conceded one goal all season so pretty confident head on this guy.

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Thanks for the parking tips Barrow fan.

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