Training pitches

Flooded traing pitches

Surely if we don’t own the training ground,the landlord would be liable as far as sorting out the flooding problem.

It’s probably the same deal as the ground.
The tenant is responsible for the upkeep. :roll_eyes:

Mildest November on record, no real long spells of heavy rain, how on Earth are they already not fit for purpose :see_no_evil:

The local park pitches are being played on.

So, our much vaunted training facilities turn out to be so much more cheap tat?
Well that’s a surprise isn’t it…


Why has the exec team or whatever they call themselves not sorted this?

Its kinda really important.

You’ll see the answer in the WPM minutes when they’re out. I asked the question.


Think I read in one of PMs updates that plans were in hand but the present situation developed.

Well things should move along a bit now Boris is involved…:grinning:

Now now, leave all of the jokes and puns to Jack Whitehall…

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Are they being chiselled into stone?

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Oooooooooo…no :joy:

■■■■■■■ popes have been elected quicker :wink:

Are there ■■■■■■■ popes now? The Catholic church really has tried to modernise itself a bit recently but didn’t realise they’d gone that far! :rofl:

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They’ve got to do a lot of redacting first…:grinning:

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Probably not realistic , but I wonder if it would be worth asking any of our illustrious neighbors about a bit of space on their massive training grounds , I know for a fact Albion have room to spare and Villas is massive also . even if it’s just for the first team squad .
Wishful thinking I suppose.

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Can’t see why Villa wouldn’t let us, after all we have let them use our ground and pitch to our own detriment


You would have thought so .

Villa women use our ground for their games,but I should imagine their high heels help to aerate the pitch…:high_heel::high_heel::high_heel:


There was mention of the Tiger a few days ago. I remember driving past there and seeing us training on the patch of grass opposite there more than once in the late 80s/90s. And spotted Bernie Wright running round our school playing field a couple of times (Wood Green in Wednesbury).

Merson used to take the team there when he was manager, i think silverdale use it? well he took them there for half hour kick about then 4 hours in the tiger :joy: