Tranmere Away

This one feels like it could be similar to Northampton a couple of seasons ago. What a day that was by the way! :joy: :man_facepalming:

The Cowshed End at Prenton Park should create a really good atmosphere. Holds around 2,500 I understand. Could we sell our allocation? Would be great to take a really big following up there.


Think we could have easily done 1500 if tickets had gone on sale by now

At this point, and it’ll be even later when they eventually do go on sale, I can see it being somewhere between 700 and 1k - there’s been no where near enough time for some people who need to plan advance to do so

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When Will these go on sale as soon as they do I’ll be getting mine and booking the train Wolverhampton to lime st then onto Birkenhead haven’t been to Tranmere for year’s

Are we even getting an allocation?

Geordie said the other day Sunderland got 2k allocation for pre season friendly so not sure what the issue is given as it stands football crowds are o.k to return.

If anyone really wants to go @mtt they will get a ticket,no matter what the hassle is.

Well us two will go

There’ll definitely be more than enough tickets, I get that but I mean in terms of getting time off work/planning travel etc

Will be less than 2 weeks away by the time they come on sale

Tranmere tickets will hopefully be going on sale tomorrow……


Before of after the Cheltenham ones for the week before?

Dunno, not sure on Cheltenham

Tickets are on sale for the Cheltenham fans, but not for us in the away end through the Robins website.
Been told by their ticket manager today, they are to go on sale through Walsall, but not when.

Tomorrow also hopefully

Can someone say when the windows open to sell tickets, unless your Houdini to get in there to open and sell, does this new ticket office manager ( know how to open them ) , get off your arse, off the phone and sell away tickets before the matches have gone, thank you.

They wont have to open any windows this lot will be gone sharrpish

Are we expecting a full allocation, any idea?

I think initial allocation will be just over 1000

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Assuming to be increased once sold?

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Bit harsh, give em a break!

They are clearly shorter staffed in there at the moment and as advertised the ticket office lines are open from 9am-3pm so presumably in those hours the priority is to deal with calls around issues with season tickets with the extended fast track period.

It would then make sense that after 3pm when the phone lines close is when other things will get dealt with like non season ticket related emails, Cheltenham friendly/Tranmere tickets being put on sale ??

If the away end at Tranmere holds well over 2,000 (and that’s the allocation Tranmere have given Sunderland for their friendly there as per Geordie on tother thread) then everyone who wants one will surely get one, eventually.

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Ticket sale might be next week, but we will definitely have an allocation.