Tranmere Rovers (A) December 5th, 3pm

" … I saw the last of Waring …
Oh , never star was lost here but it rose afar!"


This execrable season continues with a trip to the most in-form side in League 2 - and they have two players with good reason to see us depart with zero points - Kieron Morris and Morgan Ferrier. Tranmere sit handily poised among the play-off sides, 8th in the table on 24 points, yet they’ve lost 2 more games than ourselves. Their current League 2 form alone is enough to encourage squeakings from anyone’s derriere:-

November 3rd Harrogate Town (A) Won 0-1
November 14th Port Vale (A) Won 3-4
November 21st Grimsby Town (H) Won 5-0
November 24th Carlisle United (H) Won 1-0
December 1st Oldham Athletic (A) Won 0-1

In addition to the current pair of ex-Saddlers on their books, there have been other connections - who remembers Nick Henry (1998-99), John Manning (1971-72), Michael Ricketts (2nd spell 2007-09), Edrissa Sonko (2007-08), and Ray “Choo-Choo” Train who moved in the opposite direction, joining us as a coach (1986-87) in his 2nd spell.

According to “Tinkerman” we shot ourselves in the foot against Stevenage. Nothing unusual there, on reflection - we donated a gift goal in the form of a hospital ball back-pass from Osadebe, then proceeded to huff and puff (and hoof) for the remainder of the game only for Flash Gordon to rescue a point at the death. Rose had little to trouble him other than the successful Oteh penalty, and he may well keep his place. Rory Holden should be back in contention after his one match in the naughty chair, and the composition of the rest of the team is dependent on which names come out of the hat.

Prediction? There doesn’t seem to be much hope in this one, but we did get a point at League leaders Newport County, didn’t we? So if that team turns up on Saturday perhaps the best we can hope for is to maintain our League 2 record as the leading draw merchants … say 1-1 with Rory scoring.




Not even Christmas and I’m already unsure the result matters. Can’t see us being anything other than … mid table!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:


2-0 loss. Blackett-Taylor and Morris to score. Wooooo.

The thing is,when you give someone like Clarke (who supposedly has a vision)a 3yr contract you’ve every right to expect year on year improvement.on a week to week basis (which some would say is an unfair way to look at it) we take one step forward (draw at Newport county) then two giant steps backwards (take your pick from numerous games).I think Clarke is now drowning in his own excuses but just won’t admit it’s all gone egg shaped,and he’s run out of ideas.

Isn’t Kane Wilson also there or was that last season?

Probably 2-0 loss for me aswell. They’re pretty good defensively and James Vaughan is always a good pick up at this sort of level, amazing he’s still only 32.

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He was on loan there last season, but he moved to Forest Green in the Summer. He hasn’t played much for them.

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I’m going for a 3-0 defeat, wonder who will win the dressing room raffle for giving away the 1st goal, my money is on Scarr.


Could the first ‘right hammering’ of our awful season, Vaughan will be wringing his hands at the prospect, and Keiron’s mom would be delighted to see us let in a hatful (that Rose will let in of course, leading to the automatic recall of Flapaptit who will then let in a similar tally against Bolton!).

Lose 1-0.

Win 2-0 .About time we won away!!!

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Just looked at their squad some really good players that I’m guessing can pass a ball and stuff fearing the worst here 3-0 loss try not to get battered goal difference could be vitally important for our survival come the final few games of the season.


Even worse than the defeat we will most likely have is seeing Kieron Morris’s mom on Face Book telling us “How much better we would have been if we had played her little baby more when we were luck enough to have him on our books”…

I fully expect us to do well because they are above us and a decent team :grin:

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3-0 to The Saddlers (Flash hat-trick)

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2-0 loss Im sorry to predict

Morris 8 mins and Ol’ Mother Morris comes on as a 85th substitute for her ickle baby Keiron so he can have some bye byes and scores from the penalty spot

Will she be hitting anyone over the head with her stiletto? :grin: :wink:

Set up for a draw and get one, borefest.

First hammering of the season for me . No confidence,No goal threat , No chance of not conceding. 4-0 defeat and a clamour for Clarke’s head.

I don’t understand this wave of negative thoughts. We’re making progress and that’s important thing. Last season in this moment were three points less and three places lower league position, so it is better. This time it wasn’t red card for example and Rose was playing too. Will be draw, maybe even some sneaky win.

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