This is the second season now that Trivela have been owners of Walsall football club, and both of those seasons Trivela have stated that their main intention is to get the club out of league 2.

I think that at the end of this season/beginning of next we should see some clear signs that where it matters most on the pitch we can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

While Trivela can’t be blamed for the past 5yrs or so, they have to realise that we as fans have have had to suffer the indignity of supporting a club that as far as entertainment on the pitch we have been starved and are now spoken of in the same vein as Sutton, Crawley, FGR, Accrington Stanley & Harrogate and it hurts.

I think we need to make some sweeping changes, even cancelling certain players contracts.I hope that Trivela read posts on this site and realise that we can’t just be relied upon to keep following the club blindly through thick and thin, because I for one am not and I know a lot of Walsall fans who have lost interest and would find it very difficult to get back into regular attendance.

Also how many schoolkids have been given free tickets over the years? It must run into thousands and yet not many of them have been transformed into regular Walsall supporter’s?

Something positive needs to be done for next season, (I’ve already written this season off) but it’s the hope that kills you.


Yet the gates are holding up well considering half the people on here have given up and which players contracts would you cancel? To put that into context we have been urging the Club for years to give players longer deals and renew those who are rated!


But you’re forgetting, we gave longer deals to those players who were rated as really good and worth it only a couple of months ago…but now they are, apparently, useless and need sending on their way!


Trivela handed those contracts out and no way are they going to pay any up snd say they got it wrong, or should they.
What they hopefully realise is we need at least 6 quality signings in the summer who are going to be first team regulars if they arent injured.
Whether they are willing to invest in those is another question.


I don’t think it as many as six if Evans signs but we clearly need 2 forwards and a physical presence in midfield. Don’t forget there are 2 players we haven’t seen yet (Weir and Jellis) and we hardly saw Williams.


We are just about scraping over the 5,000 mark. Normally when there’s a good away following or free tickets for schoolkids. People will not keep putting up with the standard of football we are being served up,there are a lot on UTS who don’t actually go anymore but still for some weird reason still care. Apart from the odd occasion I don’t go and watch live,I just watch the game on tv and even that is getting hard to watch.

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The attendance at Crawley last night was reported as 2,450

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Its asking alot of 2 young players with no league experience to come in and make a significant difference, hopefully they prove me wrong.
I dont expect Hutchinson to be here so a RWB, 2 midfielders(so Mcentee can play in his best position of centre half), 2 forwards and i think we also need a LWB. I like Gordon but his end product is really poor and for me he should be cover.
We wont get all those but how close we come will determine what happens next season

And yet they are still having a better season than us.




By point only :hear_no_evil:

I’m fairly sure we have kept gates above 5k most games this season and been over 6k with tickets for school kids.

Our gates now are better than they have been in some promotion seasons of the past. There probably will be a point when it takes a big drop though I reckon.

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Oh,so that’s a worse season then? The point I’m making is they have half the income and yet are doing better than us @JoaquinErnesto ,it’s bad really.

Sure they are better than when we got promoted under Nicholl from this level

Hardly though,and there’s still plenty of games to go😉
Also we have no idea what other revenue streams they have. And no I can’t be bothered to find their annual accounts on the net. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What other revenue streams Crawley Town FC have?! You are joking, right? :joy:

Fuksake hahahaha


Yes and no😅
For all I know they could be backed by Elon Moosk🫎 or skinter than Jack McSkint.

I think it’s probably that they have spent their money more wisely/been luckier with the players they’ve brought in.

I’ve heard the Harrogate Town club shop, a portakabin ran by Wendy and her whippet, Stanley, is enough to keep them comfortably ahead of us in the 4th tier of English football.

Christ, if only we could compete with these mammoths of the English game with their 2k average attendances.